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11/28/23 12:33am
"We are actively working to find a date in February when the film can be viewed and discussed safely and constructively," a Penn spokesperson wrote. 
11/19/23 11:10am
The posters were seen in many locations around campus, including at high rise field, Class of 1920 Commons, Class of 1949 Bridge, and on light poles and benches along Locust Walk, Chestnut, and Walnut Street.
11/17/23 1:19am
The curriculum, which occurs concurrently with the training and volunteering components, teaches students about the racial wealth gap, tax systems and policies, and how to discuss sensitive financial issues.
11/02/23 2:29am
Many students who spoke with the DP felt that the action plan is a necessary step for the University to take, while some felt that the plan does not provide enough support to Palestinian or Jewish community members.
10/18/23 4:02pm
Wednesday's message is Magill's third statement about the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas. 
10/18/23 1:42am
Multiple students and faculty had positive reactions to Magill's latest statement, which reiterated Penn's plans to combat antisemitism — but others cast doubt on the University's intentions in light of the donor backlash.
10/03/23 11:51pm
According to Residential Services, Stouffer Hall will once again be a first-year dorm for the 2024-2025 academic year.
09/19/23 10:54pm
Literature and humanities professors called on Penn President Liz Magill to immediately amend administrators' statement on the festival. 
09/11/23 9:57pm
The UA and GAPSA equally split the cost of the booth, with each organization directing $17,000 to Penn’s Career Services Center.
09/04/23 10:46pm
Penn First Plus has encouraged faculty to list their courses in the Penn Bookstore to help the University's financial aid office collect a more accurate estimate of the cost of educational supplies.
04/17/23 11:35pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with five students who were admitted through regular decision about their backgrounds, their academic interests, their motivations for applying to Penn, and what they are looking forward to when they arrive on campus this fall.
04/05/23 9:49pm
The four-person team traveled to the Black Swamp Curling Center in Bowling Green, Ohio, to face off against the top 16 teams in the country based on tour points following the regular season competitions.
04/03/23 12:35am
The debates also touched upon the views of the two candidates in recent campus news such as Penn’s decision to discontinue the Dean’s List, recent concerns regarding Greek life hazing, and how the candidates aim to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.
03/13/23 11:22pm
The DP spoke to some Gutmann residents who have not noticed an improvement even after the hot water shutdown on Feb. 22 and 23.
02/28/23 11:19pm
This announcement comes days after the DP detailed 100 observations of health code violations in Penn Dining locations during their most recent food safety inspections.
02/10/23 8:29am
Listen to the top headlines on Friday, Feb. 10 with our newsletter anchor.
02/09/23 11:30pm
The rewards include a coffee loyalty program, a chance to win a variety of prizes, and a dining dollar giveaway for dining plan holders only.
01/31/23 11:54pm
Founded as an all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe in 1889, Mask and Wig announced in the fall of 2021 that it would be eliminating the male gender requirement as a qualification.
01/29/23 11:09pm
Stouffer College House is currently under construction, and the Woodland Walk entrance next to the Quad has been blocked off.
12/02/22 1:44am
iECURE, which was co-founded by GTP's James Wilson, announced on Wednesday that the company has extended its Series A venture funding.
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