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04/27/15 12:00am
The cost of any potentially offensive joke can be redeemed if they’re clever enough — so much so that the audience recognizes the intention and structure is to be funny, and not that its choice of topic matter is inherently funny. In the case of Trevor Noah, he comes off as reckless.
04/13/15 12:01am
A college education has become more attainable for those who seek it, but comparatively little has been done to make this education relevant to the newer, wider clientele.
03/30/15 12:04am
As a symbol of the university, the president should make some effort to personally connect with the students, and not just in queueing photoshoots at holiday soirees.
03/15/15 11:52pm
As youth, we also often forget that we are mortal. This is good, because it affords us the confidence to aspire for whatever we dream of without the stuttering stultification of self-doubt.
02/22/15 11:56pm
Instead of intuition, our choices are tempered and tampered by our fear of not succeeding. These metrics of success rarely arise from our own organic origins, and instead come from being enveloped in Penn’s homogenous zones, which are aroused only by the touch of traditional success.
02/09/15 12:30am
Race relations, economic disparities, the lingering threat of crime, having to deal with people of different backgrounds: it not easy being in West Philly.
01/26/15 2:27am
Self-discovery is an inner journey, not an outer one. While the chronicles of experiences may aid in this meditative and visceral process, motivation still must come from one’s own will and self-understanding.
11/13/14 2:50am
Benefactors of affirmative action spoke on Wednesday night about their experiences and complicated relationship with the topic
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