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11/10/21 12:30am
A Penn professor collaborated with Greek researchers during the summer of 2020 to evaluate the effectiveness of Eva, a machine learning tool designed to track data on travelers’ COVID-19 screening results.
10/17/21 7:49pm
The researchers who conducted the study examined the common, yet unsupported claim that spinal anesthesia may be safer for patients undergoing surgery for hip fractures.
09/28/21 11:59pm
As of June 30, the University’s endowment assets valued $20.5 billion, an increase of $5.6 billion from the previous year.
04/08/21 10:16pm
A team of researchers at Penn Medicine’s Scheie Eye Institute, led by ophthalmology professors Artur V. Cideciyan and Samuel G. Jacobson, developed the experimental RNA therapy.
03/25/21 11:10pm
Penn topped the nursing rankings with 95.5 total quality points, outperforming the nursing programs at King’s College London and Johns Hopkins University, which placed second and third, respectively. 
03/11/21 11:15pm
The award is given to alumni who represent excellence in the Penn and Wharton startup community. 
03/02/21 11:32pm
Study authors believe stronger enforcement of the National Voter Registration Act, which prevents states from removing voter registrants from rolls without a clear indication that a registrant has moved or died, might help relieve issues.
02/22/21 11:13pm
City officials projected that Philadelphia will soon only have enough money in its reserves to run the city for three days.
02/04/21 10:20pm
The report explores the effects that bias, representation, and allyship have on Black women in the legal field by evaluating the experiences of Black students at Penn Law. 
01/29/21 12:25am
Professor Anne Berg, who teaches history, was serving as a legal observer when a police officer lunged at her and struck her with a baton.
01/22/21 12:03am
Levine is currently the face of Pennsylvania's COVID-19 response, serving as the top health official in the commonwealth. She would become the highest-ranking openly transgender official to serve in the federal government.
12/08/20 10:41pm
After an outbreak inside city jails caused at least 150 infections, Philadelphia's Department of Prisons adopted shelter-in-place measures and indefinitely canceled prisoner transports to court dates, again prompting concern from prisoners-rights advocates.
11/23/20 9:40pm
In a 37-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann issued a blow against the Trump campaign’s attempts to potentially invalidate the votes of nearly seven million Pennsylvania voters. 
11/16/20 8:06pm
Among business schools ranked for their finance specialization, The Wharton School was first in Pennsylvania and in the Ivy League, ahead of Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Business School, and Columbia Business School.
10/28/20 12:20am
Philadelphia's percentage of eligible voters is also the highest since 2004, because the city's population has fluctuated. According to a Billy Penn analysis of data from the Philadelphia Office of City Commissioners and the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 90% of all eligible residents are currently registered to vote.
10/13/20 10:53pm
Philadelphia lawyers argued that because satellite offices are not official voting locations like polling places, poll watchers are not permitted under state law to observe activities there. 
09/28/20 10:23pm
Philadelphia Treasurer Christian Dunbar, appointed in 2019, was removed from his position Friday after being charged with fraudulently obtaining United States citizenship through marriage fraud and bank embezzlement from a prior job. 
09/22/20 12:03am
According to data collected during the first three months of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 outbreak, 4.7% of people sent home after an initial emergency room visit for coronavirus returned to the hospital within just three days.
09/14/20 10:35pm
Participants in the 2020 Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey were primarily assessed on their knowledge of their First Amendment rights and of the functions of the United States' federal government branches.
09/07/20 11:31pm
Officials have pointed factors such as increased mobility and decreased compliance with mask mandates as driving the rise in projected cases and deaths in many states.
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