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08/30/17 9:38pm
Between August 22 and 28, while Penn freshmen enjoyed a gala at the art museum and Penn-themed ice sculptures, an estimated 23 people died from a drug overdose in the city of Philadelphia. 
07/06/16 9:13pm
It is almost as if some young voters have forgotten the 26th amendment exists.
06/22/16 9:47pm
he College Board’s 6,000 member institutions — including Penn — are the only ones who can reasonably hold the College Board accountable. Universities should push the College Board to explain where all of those testing profits go.
06/11/16 5:24pm
In a race for the White House that has been anything but presidential, you do not have to look far for reasons to be disgusted.
05/25/16 11:18pm
The problem with the way that we discuss mental health at Penn is that we emphasize the “at Penn” part far too much. In doing so, we have tricked ourselves into thinking that mental health is specifically a Penn problem.
03/28/16 12:45am
Where’s the Love Philadelphia, a gun violence awareness project at Penn, hosted an open mic night at a photo gallery on Saturday.
03/20/16 9:57pm

Union of White Cornell Students announces plans to issue demands and organize march

The Union of White Cornell Students has announced plans to to issue demands to the Cornell University administration, host a speaker series and organize a march of white students.
03/20/16 9:05pm

KU Professor cleared of wrongdoing after using racial slur

Following a four-month investigation, a University of Kansas Professor who used a racial slur in class will be allowed to return to work this week.
02/29/16 2:22am
Nearly 400 musicians from 64 countries signed up to participate in a 48-hour international music production competition operated by Engineering graduate student Nicholas Yiu called Mixathon48.
02/21/16 9:27pm

Chicago State University risks closure in wake of budget crisis

Chicago State University will not be able to make payroll starting March 1 in the midst of a budget battle over state university funding, according to school officials.
10/20/15 12:20am
Today the College Republicans wrote an op-ed arguing that America should focus on fixing it's mental healthcare system in response to the wave of mass shootings that has plagued the country. I find this quite hypocritical, considering that the ten states with the lowest level of access to mental health resources (as ranked by Mental Health America, an advocacy group) are all controlled by Republicans.
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