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07/28/17 3:58am
“I felt a bit of pressure [to attend parties during NSO] but it was more because I wanted to make as many friends as I could and going out was a good way to do that."
05/22/17 8:30am
Johns Hopkins' Board of Trustees Secretary Maureen Marsh told The Daily Pennsylvanian that Gutmann was chosen due to her status as one of higher education’s most respected leaders.
05/18/17 4:29pm
Penn students who choose to graduate a semester early often stress the financial benefits, explaining that it allows them to save a semester's worth of tuition.
04/25/17 4:01pm
A new law from the Trump administration may lead to the shutdown of Planned Parenthood in other states, but nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania have pledged to continue funding local branches of Planned Parenthood, the Inquirer reported.
04/20/17 3:39pm
“I’ve gone to a day of darties, but I’ve never properly flung,” College junior Adair Powers said. “I’m a junior and I haven’t had a year where I can really go out all weekend with my friends.”
04/17/17 11:11pm
College senior Tia Yang said Where's the Love, Philadelphia? does not intend on using these narratives to make a political statement on gun control.
04/17/17 5:30pm
Stanford University spokeswoman Lisa Lapin noted the university’s nonprofit status as being an integral component of decisions regarding the image’s use.
04/11/17 7:40pm
College junior Michelle and College sophomore Jay Shah ran together on a platform targeting the five biggest issues they feel affect students on Penn’s campus.
04/10/17 8:26pm
Students with family income under $100,000 will receive free tuition to CUNY or SUNY schools per the Excelsior Scholarship.
04/10/17 6:23pm
The new store area, which Acme calls a "first class urban grocery experience," will feature a Starbucks, the third within a seven-block stretch of Walnut Street.
03/27/17 10:58pm
“Overall, I think the point of the panels was really to elevate [youth] voices over professional voices because they are the experts on their lives,” Rosemary Thomas, Program Coordinator for the Penn Medicine Program for LGBT Health said. “It’s really powerful for professionals to hear real life experiences if they haven’t before”
03/27/17 10:47pm
Rebecca Stein has experience with online learning through her partnership with Coursera, a site that provides online access to courses offered by top universities around the world.
03/26/17 11:41pm
The policy states that schools should adopt gender neutral language as the norm in all documents and written correspondence with students, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. It calls for the reduction, if not elimination, of the practice of “segregating students by gender” in classes.
03/23/17 8:25pm
“You learn to dance from the elders in your tribe,” Dienes said. “So you don’t want to do the same moves that your mom and dad did.”
03/21/17 9:12pm
The event features an all-female cast of speakers — including former Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Katie McGinty and New York Times associate digital editor Jazmine Hughes — who are business owners and leaders in their professional fields.
03/20/17 10:15pm
Since the initial success, Percec has performed the technique on two additional patients — referred to her by the first patient — who also underwent FGM.
03/20/17 1:59pm
The feature combines all of the scores of selected courses into a single number for each ratings category.
03/16/17 6:14pm
The 5B, made up of the Lambda Alliance, the Asian Student Pacific Coalition, UMOJA, the Latin@ Coalition, and the United Minorities Council, created the award to celebrate the efforts and impact of faculty at Penn that they say go otherwise unrecognized.
02/27/17 11:08pm
The Interfraternity Council instituted a new policy this year making it mandatory for fraternities to send at least ten members to the Vagina Monologues.
02/14/17 11:02pm
The Penn Congressional Call Center is a nonpartisan space and all of the resources necessary for Penn students to contact their Congressional representatives, regardless of party, and voice an opposition.
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