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Penn Labs has rolled out their newest Penn Course Review feature, Course Cart, which allows users to view “at-a-glance statistics” for a group of selected courses for the next semester. 

The feature combines all of the scores of selected courses into a single number for each ratings category.

Students start by searching for a course by name, number or department. Once they find and select their desired course and instructor, they can add it to their cart with the “Add to My Cart” button, located under the most recent average statistics bar.

After selecting all of the preferred courses, users can access their Course Cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon, located next to the course search bar. From there, students can see the total course quality, instructor, workload and difficulty rating for their curated semester. Students can also add and drop classes from their cart and analyze different course combinations without navigating away from the Course Cart page.

Wharton sophomore and Penn Labs co-director Adam Domingoes said that Penn Labs added the feature after noticing that their own members were making excel spreadsheets to create data averages for different course selection scenarios. "It made sense to put that on our platform and make it easier for [students] to use and make it more clean of a process," Domingoes said. 

Penn Labs is still experiencing difficulty with Course Cart on certain internet browsers. The add to cart button does not always show up when using Safari, which blocks users from selecting their courses and instructors. 

Penn Labs has identified the bug causing the issue, and Domingoes said that they are actively working on fixing problems that come up as students use Course Cart across different browsers and devices. While they iron out the kinks with the feature, Penn Labs and the Penn Course Review suggest that users use Google Chrome in order to properly use Course Cart.

The Daily Pennsylvanian recently created a Penn Course Review Project to analyze the most popular, difficult and easiest classes and professors on campus.