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04/02/08 5:00am

Profs get clever with course promotion

What's in a name? A lot, professors say - in a course name, at least. As Advance Registration draws to a close, professors acknowledge that an eye-catching course title can make a big difference in enrollment - both in the number and types of students who end up taking it.
03/24/08 5:00am
When College senior Abby Huntsman stands next to Sen. John McCain, she can see the scars on his face from his days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. For her, these scars are tangible evidence of how much he's sacrificed for his country. In fact, he's the most patriotic person she's ever met, she said.
02/19/08 5:00am
When Wharton sophomore Dennie Zastrow was applying to Penn, his parents encouraged him to select Wharton to boost his chances of finding a good job. Two years later, it's that career-minded focus that's driving him to get out. Zastrow, who is currently trying to transfer into the College, said he was turned off by Wharton's emphasis on finding the right internships and jobs as early as freshman year.
02/01/08 5:00am

Korean church seeks recruits on campus

Do you know of the Heavenly Mother? Many students do now, after recent encounters with teams of missionaries on campus. Members of the World Mission Society Church of God have been proselytizing on campus over the past few weeks, approaching students on various street corners and outside University buildings.
12/07/06 5:00am

Applications for regular decision should rise

Early-application rates may have dropped, but have no fear, admissions officials say - regular decision is right around the corner. The next round of applications should get a boost from the introduction of the Common Application, they say, and that could make up for the smaller early-decision pool.
12/06/06 5:00am

Early admissions apps fall 2.5 percent

Early applications to Penn dropped slightly this year, admissions officials announced yesterday.
12/05/06 5:00am
For college students, beer, pizza and bowling are a winning combination. At least that's what College Pizza owner George Ballouz is banking on. The pizzeria will move from its current location - which it was forced to leave due to a planned construction project on the 3900 block of Walnut Street - into the mezzanine of Strikes Bowling Lounge over winter break.
12/04/06 5:00am

Faculty broke out wallets for '06 campaigns

They may not be industry moguls or top executives, but Penn professors are certainly willing to shell out money in support of their favorite political candidates. Penn ranked fourth in a study measuring the sum of education-industry employee donations to federal campaigns this election cycle.
11/30/06 5:00am

Democrats have financial aid on the Jan. agenda

A newly elected Democratic majority in Congress could spell changes for college affordability, experts say.
11/22/06 5:00am

International programs at Penn post big year

Study-abroad participation at Penn was the seventh highest among American colleges last year, according to a report released last week. The University jumped five spots - from No. 12 to No. 7 - in the annual study-abroad participation ranking by the Institute for International Education, which promotes educational ties between the United States and foreign countries.
11/15/06 5:00am

Get snacks and PJs - it's time for class

The number of students taking college courses online is on the rise, according to a new study from a group that promotes online education. The study by the Sloan Consortium found that 3.2 million students took at least one course online in the fall of 2005, up 35 percent from the previous year, said Elaine Allen, a co-author of the report and a professor at Babson College.
11/14/06 5:00am

Penn students 'too smart' to make rankings

Lots of free condoms and bars may be more important than low acceptance rates and high SAT scores when it comes to being a top school - at least when is doing the ranking.
11/14/06 5:00am

Surfing the Internet - as an academic

Late-night Facebook perusing may soon be more than a procrastination device - it might be a legitimate homework assignment.
11/10/06 5:00am

Not the end of an era yet: Early admissions thriving

It might have seemed like early admissions was toast after the University of Virginia, a public school, followed Harvard and Princeton in abolishing the practice this fall.
11/06/06 5:00am
A group of Penn medical staff traveled halfway around the world last month to teach Taiwanese doctors how to perform an innovative cancer procedure - and ate some chicken heads on the side. The team of six assisted Taiwanese surgeons, who had invited them over a year ago, in giving a light-based treatment to a woman suffering from lung cancer at an advanced stage.
11/01/06 5:00am

Penn school will help keep an eye on midterm vote

If you run into trouble on Election Day, Penn's school of government wants to know about it. The Fels Institute of Government is once again helping to sponsor the national voter hotline, which got about 208,000 calls during the 2004 presidential race. Anyone can call the hotline to leave a voicemail reporting a problem encountered while trying to vote.
10/31/06 5:00am

No tuition, but still a price to pay

As a high-school senior in Texas, Justin Allen knew he wanted to study art in college, but family finances left him without a lot of options. Expensive art schools were out of the question, and remaining in-state seemed very likely. But then Allen found one school that was affordable for anyone - The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City.
10/27/06 5:00am

This Weekend: Get scared, it's almost Halloween

Historic Philadelphia isn't just about documents and cracked bells - the city's past is full of spooks, thrills and ghosts, too. In celebration of Halloween, some of the city's oldest institutions are offering a variety of events showcasing Philadelphia's frightening past.
10/20/06 5:00am
Students staying on campus this fall break can help to ensure that the red and yellow autumn foliage gives way to a whole lot of green next spring. This Saturday, UC Green - a local, non-profit group dedicated to forestry - will be sponsoring a large-scale tree planting effort in the West Powelton and Saunders Park neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.
10/09/06 5:00am

Penn may benefit from Ivy early-admit cuts

High-school seniors planning on applying early to college next fall will not have Harvard University as an option - and some say that Harvard's loss could be Penn's gain.
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