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08/31/21 10:53pm
When students make an appointment with CAPS this semester, they will have the option to select whether they want to receive care in person or remotely over phone or video.
08/25/21 6:54pm
Top University administrators wrote in an email on Wednesday that they are increasing their COVID-19 surveillance protocols due to concern about the Delta variant.
04/28/21 12:29am
The new system, originally set to debut in late 2020, is set to consist of a number of improvements to the outdated Penn InTouch software, including making the interface more modern and seamless and fixing glitches.
04/28/21 12:01am
The University's on-campus clinic will also be accepting walk-ins in an effort to make vaccinations as accessible as possible, Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé said.
04/21/21 11:59pm
Many students — particularly those living in on-campus housing — said they were especially happy that Penn was able to provide the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.
04/14/21 12:10am
Penn administrators said the continued decrease in cases was encouraging, but emphasized that members of the Penn community must continue to be vigilant, even after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.
04/12/21 10:13pm
The University is planning to hold all courses in person, regardless of their current location listing on Penn InTouch — some of which are currently listed as "online," and others as "in-person."
04/09/21 12:36am
From small group discussions to pre-recorded lectures, many professors plan to incorporate new teaching strategies into in-person curriculum.
03/24/21 1:25am
Director of Campus Health Ashlee Halbritter said the 49 total undergraduate cases can largely be attributed to student travel during the two "Spring Stay" days.
03/18/21 2:57am
While CAPS has not experienced any notable change in the number of students seeking services, according to CAPS Senior Clinical Director Michal Saraf, other organizations have seen an uptick in individuals seeking help since the onset of the pandemic.
03/11/21 11:38pm
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé said he is apprehensive about the effect that potential student travel in spite of COVID-19 safety protocols over the break may have on the campus positivity rate in the coming weeks. 
03/08/21 5:16pm
The advance registration period for fall courses will now be held from April 13 through April 23, instead of the previously scheduled March 22 through April 4.
03/05/21 12:56am
Pottruck reopened some of its facilities to all undergraduate students on Feb. 24 after piloting COVID-19 protocols that proved successful.
03/03/21 12:40am
This week marks the third straight week that the number of undergraduate cases has decreased by over 50%, making this week's undergraduate positivity rate as well as case count a semester low. 
03/01/21 10:39pm
While Penn reduced its mandatory quarantine period for students who are exposed to COVID-19, spending this much time physically away from others has proven difficult — emotionally, socially, and academically — for students.
02/25/21 12:53am
Wellnest is the newest part of the University's Penn Cares program to help the Penn community cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
02/16/21 3:30am
When MERT arrives at the scene of an emergency, they screen the patients for COVID-19 symptoms from a distance before approaching to administer care. 
02/14/21 11:37pm
CAPS onboarded three new hires who will serve as clinicians and one who will join the Student Health Service behavioral health consulting program.
01/18/21 11:37pm
Students said they were excited to finally come to campus, but expressed concerns about the clarity and effectiveness of Penn's Quiet Period COVID-19 guidelines. 
11/16/20 12:14am
The club plans to focus on community service for Albanian students and bring together students who identify with or want to learn about Albanian culture.
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