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10/02/23 10:01pm
Beginning in Fall 2023, students who are part of Venture Lab’s Venture Initiation Program Community (VIP-C) program can attend community dinners and pitch nights that occur on alternating Wednesday nights.
09/04/23 10:44pm
This year's changes included more modular programming options, fewer mandatory programs, more small group programs, and greater flexibility for students to shape their schedules.
08/30/23 11:01pm
This Transfer Critical Writing Seminar is a pilot program and if it is successful, it will be considered again for future semesters. 
08/28/23 10:55pm
The program brought together an inaugural cohort of 39 incoming first-years from 18 countries for a three-day pre-orientation.
04/26/23 10:20pm
This event comes after the cancellation of the previously scheduled SPEC event with Jonathan Majors on April 4 following his arrest on charges of assault and harassment.
04/03/23 12:35am
The debates also touched upon the views of the two candidates in recent campus news such as Penn’s decision to discontinue the Dean’s List, recent concerns regarding Greek life hazing, and how the candidates aim to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.
03/16/23 1:07am
Attendees expressed enthusiasm about the forum and the opportunity to reengage with their connection to Penn.
02/12/23 2:45pm
The report was published online on the Undergraduate Assembly’s website to update the Penn community on the work that the UA has been undertaking and ensure that they remain accountable to the student body.
01/23/23 11:03pm
Ryan Torres has previously walked from Locust Walk to New York City and cycled across America.
01/10/23 8:34pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with five members of the Class of 2027 about their backgrounds and what they are looking forward to the most this fall.
11/29/22 12:48am
“A Toast to Dear Old Penn,” which will be held on Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. this year, is organized every year by the Platt Student Performing Arts House. 
11/07/22 10:40pm
The screening of "Wanted: Shades of Life" will be held in Fisher-Bennett Hall at 6 p.m. on Nov. 8 followed by a live question and answer session with the filmmaker Sanadtkumar Ganesan.
10/26/22 12:07am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to alumni and current students participating in Homecoming who said that the atmosphere on campus was one of reunions and relaxation.
09/26/22 11:36pm
Penn Pakistani Society launched a fundraiser in collaboration with Columbia University's Pakistani Student Association to aid those impacted by the floods in Pakistan.
09/16/22 12:05am
Breadhead serves as a food-service platform that connects students with homemade meals cooked by student chefs in the community. 
09/15/22 7:50pm
Co-founded by Wharton MBA students Breanna Atkinson and Jared Golestani in 2020, Kokada is a startup that produces sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut-free coconut spreads.
08/01/22 10:53am
The Wharton School recently announced the launch of the Environmental, Social and Governance Initiative, aiming to explore how these sectors interact with business through research, education, and policy practices.
07/06/22 11:35pm
The Penn Medicine - Wharton Fund for Health is composed of Penn students and Wharton Social Impact Investment staff who tackle social determinants of health in Philadelphia.  
04/27/22 4:05am
The hybrid event will take place at the Kelly Writers House Arts Cafe, with a virtual option available. The honors program's nine graduating seniors will present excerpts from their Creative Writing thesis projects.
04/06/22 11:03pm
The event's list of speakers will feature researchers, academics, and industry experts.
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