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Breadhead is a startup founded by three Penn seniors, Sabrina Chann, Max Zhang, and Ethan Seto, and seeks to deliver homemade meals for Penn students to their doorstep (Photo from Sabrina Chann).

A new startup founded by three Penn seniors delivers homemade meals to Penn students' doorsteps. 

Breadhead serves as a food-service platform that connects students with homemade meals cooked by student chefs in the community. To date, the team has served over 300 meals to students across Penn's campus. The average price of a meal is $6 with an option to order dessert for an additional $2.

Every day, the Breadhead team posts the menu items of the day on their Instagram. Penn students can place orders through a link found on their social media anytime before 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The meals are available for pick-up or delivery by 7 p.m. the same day.

Students living in the Radian, the Hub, or Hamilton Court can opt for a delivery option placed directly in front of their doors, while students living elsewhere can pick their orders up from any of the three locations.

Co-founders Wharton and College senior Sabrina Chann, Wharton senior Max Zhang, and College senior Ethan Seto said they came up with the idea while having dinner one night and discussing the challenges of finding good, affordable food in the area. 

As food-lovers and cooks themselves, they said they knew that there was segments of people on campus who cooked for themselves regularly and were willing to make extra portions for additional income.

“When you look at restaurants around campus, not only can they be expensive for not particularly large portions, but they also close fairly early,” Seto said. “We saw that there was this opportunity to provide more flexible, convenient, healthy, and low-price meals, specifically dinners, for students and urban-eaters around campus.”

The founders said they plan to expand their coverage to the rest of Penn's campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, according to Chann.

“However, our long-term goal would be to eventually build a homemade meal delivery network that connects chefs and eaters in other university campuses and potentially urban centers," she added.

Wharton senior Julia Ellis said that she has enjoyed Breadhead's service, especially on days when she does not have time to cook. 

“Ordering from [Breadhead] is just a really nice way to get some great, affordable food in a good portion while having to cook off my plate,” Ellis said. 

Since their small-scale launch last semester, College senior James Klusaritz believes that the service has made many improvements heading into the fall semester. 

“They’ve been really receptive to the preferences of their clients in terms of their portions, pricing, and options,” Klusaritz said.