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08/04/20 12:38pm
Penn is contracting with testing laboratory Genetworx for mail-away testing, Provost Wendell Pritchett and Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli wrote in an email sent to all undergraduates Tuesday morning. Testing kits will be sent to students' permanent addresses between Aug. 8 and Aug. 12.
07/31/20 6:48pm
Friday's announcement comes as a shift from The Wharton School's initial plan for a hybrid fall semester. Newly appointed dean Erika James announced the MBA program change to students in a town hall meeting Friday morning. 
07/24/20 9:21pm
About 14% of admitted students to the Class of 2024 classify as international students who come from 98 countries, placing over 450 admitted international first years at risk under the restrictions.
07/22/20 10:50pm
Applications are now open for the Class of 2024 and fall 2020 transfer students to apply for any of the University's five pre-orientation programs — PENNacle, PennArts, PennCORP, PennGreen, and PennQuest.
07/18/20 9:26pm
Lewis leaves behind a distinguished legacy as a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement and a longtime United States Congress member.
07/13/20 4:16pm
Penn is joined by 58 other nationwide colleges and universities in submitting the brief, which was filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts. 
07/03/20 1:01am
While students expressed an understanding of the importance of coronavirus prevention measures, they believe the restrictions on large gatherings and in-person classes will negatively affect their semester.
06/17/20 12:51am
Penn admitted 196 students out of 2,506 transfer applicants for the 2020-2021 academic year.
06/07/20 12:22am
As the police killing of George Floyd and many other Black Americans remain at the forefront of Americans’ minds,  the national conversation is expanding to include discussions about systematic racism and police brutality. 
05/28/20 10:50pm
In a May 27 livestream, Wolf announced his endorsement for Biden, stating he believes Biden is the best candidate to lead the country out of the coronavirus pandemic. 
05/22/20 12:24am
Penn Residential Services sent separate emails to graduating and returning students on Thursday evening outlining various options for on-campus residents to retrieve belongings still in their dorms. 
05/20/20 7:46pm
The animal study showed the vaccine caused the activation of T cells and the production of antibodies that neutralize the virus in mice and guinea pigs
05/19/20 12:54am
Penn President Amy Gutmann was joined by commencement speaker and award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as well as 1999 College graduate and Grammy-award winning musician John Legend, to congratulate the Class of 2020.
05/03/20 11:46pm
HUP analyzes occupancy rates every day and reevaluates the need to move patients to the Pavilion on a weekly basis.
05/01/20 12:42am
Third and fourth-year students, as well as postdoctoral residents, will return to clinics in limited numbers following a strict schedule to control the number of people in each building at any one time.
04/28/20 11:46pm
The Wistar Institute's vaccine is the second COVID-19 vaccine to move into clinical testing in the U.S.
04/24/20 4:02pm
Work-study students will receive $3,000 for either six-week summer session or $6,000 for both summer sessions. 
04/16/20 12:46am
While some students have expressed support for a semesterly Dean’s List based only on academic performance in fall 2019, the University has decided against this option.
04/11/20 3:15pm
PURM will notify students over the next several weeks beginning April 13 on whether they have been matched with a professor to conduct research over the summer. 
04/10/20 12:27am
While students are disappointed that they did not get the study abroad experience they had imagined, they said they are grateful to be at home, safe with their families. 
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