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05/12/23 1:11am
Hannah Gross, former assignments editor, assures readers that it's okay to need and take breaks from the activities you love.
12/08/21 8:15pm
Social events include parties, formals, and other spaces where alcohol, food, and dancing are present.
11/11/21 1:52pm
The ceremony will include the undergraduate Class of 2020 and graduate students from the Classes of 2020 and 2021.
10/28/21 11:11pm
"Dude With Sign" runs a viral Instagram account with 7.7 million followers where he posts pictures of himself holding up cardboard signs with different phrases.
08/31/21 11:34pm
Almost all of the people who tested positive are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the vast majority are asymptomatic.
05/03/21 2:53pm
Wang was a 22-year-old student in the accelerated seven-year joint Biology-Dental program from Princeton Junction, New Jersey.
03/31/21 5:35pm
Sobejano denied that she attacked Parente, telling police she acted out of self-defense after he came at her with a knife.
03/09/21 11:04am
The new sector, Natural Science Across Disciplines, will take effect for students in the entering Class of 2025, but all current students may choose from the new list of courses.
02/10/21 12:16am
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé said there is "no evidence of an out-of-control outbreak" on campus despite undergraduate cases increasing from 113 to 239  between Jan. 31 and Feb. 6
02/04/21 3:43am
A “completely disproportionate” number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus has been linked to fraternities and sororities.
01/10/21 12:27am
Robert Schuyler, who teaches anthropology and holds a position at the Penn Museum, held his arm in a Nazi salute and said “Sieg heil to you” after a speaker told him that the meeting, a Society for Historical Archaeology conference plenary session, was not the place for him to discuss a question he had raised about membership. 
12/17/20 2:47pm
The University announced it will extend the pass/fail grading policy for undergraduates to the spring 2021 semester, as it prepares for undergraduates to live in on-campus housing and resume more in-person activities. 
12/04/20 12:36am
As the fall 2020 semester comes to a close, students who decided taken a leave of absence reflect on a time of improving mental health and exploring other interests — with some even realizing that finishing college might no longer be in the cards for them. 
11/24/20 11:57pm
While some first-year students have chosen to bypass the on-campus housing requirement due to concerns of possible COVID-19 spread in the dorms, others are opting to pay one month's extra rent to break their leases to live on campus in the spring.
11/17/20 11:36pm
While Gutmann highlighted the statue’s placement in a prominent location on campus, Black students said the artwork was largely meaningless if it was not accompanied by concrete action to support the Black community at Penn.
11/13/20 12:33am
Now that the election is over, Penn students and recent graduates who poured countless hours into Biden's campaign are looking toward the future with optimism and pride in what they accomplished in this historic election.
11/11/20 1:03am
The sculpture, titled 'Brick House,' was created by acclaimed artist Simone Leigh, and features cowrie shells on the woman’s braids which symbolize wealth, femininity, and the African slave trade in which the shells were used as currency, according to Penn Today. 
11/05/20 1:09am
Although Trump took a strong lead in Pennsylvania on Election Day when in-person results were tallied, the vote count is now trending towards Biden in a “blue shift," as mail-in votes are more likely to favor the Democratic nominee.
11/04/20 12:11am
Students who are not currently living on campus trekked from other states to cast their votes in Pennsylvania — one of the key battleground states that could determine the outcome of the election. 
11/02/20 12:03am
Citing Penn's reversal of its fall 2020 plans just weeks before the start of the semester, students now doubt that the University will follow through with its current reopening plan for the spring.
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