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05/28/20 10:50pm
In a May 27 livestream, Wolf announced his endorsement for Biden, stating he believes Biden is the best candidate to lead the country out of the coronavirus pandemic. 
05/22/20 12:24am
Penn Residential Services sent separate emails to graduating and returning students on Thursday evening outlining various options for on-campus residents to retrieve belongings still in their dorms. 
05/20/20 7:46pm
The animal study showed the vaccine caused the activation of T cells and the production of antibodies that neutralize the virus in mice and guinea pigs
05/19/20 12:54am
Penn President Amy Gutmann was joined by commencement speaker and award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, as well as 1999 College graduate and Grammy-award winning musician John Legend, to congratulate the Class of 2020.
05/03/20 11:46pm
HUP analyzes occupancy rates every day and reevaluates the need to move patients to the Pavilion on a weekly basis.
05/01/20 12:42am
Third and fourth-year students, as well as postdoctoral residents, will return to clinics in limited numbers following a strict schedule to control the number of people in each building at any one time.
04/28/20 11:46pm
The Wistar Institute's vaccine is the second COVID-19 vaccine to move into clinical testing in the U.S.
04/24/20 4:02pm
Work-study students will receive $3,000 for either six-week summer session or $6,000 for both summer sessions. 
04/16/20 12:46am
While some students have expressed support for a semesterly Dean’s List based only on academic performance in fall 2019, the University has decided against this option.
04/11/20 3:15pm
PURM will notify students over the next several weeks beginning April 13 on whether they have been matched with a professor to conduct research over the summer. 
04/10/20 12:27am
While students are disappointed that they did not get the study abroad experience they had imagined, they said they are grateful to be at home, safe with their families. 
04/06/20 6:41pm
The team known as Project Shields assembles 400 face shields a day at the Pennovation Center located in the Lower Schuylkill area, which are then delivered to the University of Pennsylvania Health System. 
04/02/20 12:55am
Penn Abroad announced the cancellation of its Global Research & Internship Program on March 17, giving approximately 150 students about two months to iron out their summer plans.
03/26/20 11:31pm
Some lab classes were canceled altogether, while others were replaced with pre-recorded videos of professors and teaching-assistants performing the labs. 
03/23/20 10:12pm
Some lab classes have been canceled altogether while others will require students to watch and analyze pre-recorded videos of their teaching assistants completing the labs. 
03/19/20 10:00pm
An email from CHAS sent to GAs on March 17 read that current GA responsibilities conclude on March 19 and GAs who are out of town should not to return to campus. 
03/13/20 8:59pm
With all clinical rotations canceled until further notice, Penn Nursing students are concerned about how to compensate for the lost hours and whether they will be able to log enough hours to graduate on time.
03/12/20 12:59pm
Belongings of students living in the College Houses, Sansom Place, and University-recognized Greek houses will be secured until the University deems it is safe for students to retrieve them. 
03/01/20 10:17pm
Bloomers cast members said although the group is becoming increasingly popular on campus, as women, they often have to work harder and be smarter than men to put on a successful show. 
02/23/20 9:49pm
PaperMill is a food truck that specializes in fresh Asian foods such as their signature "Spurritos," spring roll burritos wrapped in rice paper and stuffed with protein and vegetables. 
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