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08/23/19 1:59pm
The app was initially envisioned by Wharton junior and UA Wharton representative John Casey, who was motivated by his own experiences to improve the club recruitment process. 
04/17/19 7:02pm
The treatments were part of a clinical study at the Abramson Cancer Center applying CRISPR to cancer immunotherapy.
04/08/19 10:43pm
The project was a part of MGMT 203's “Swag Day,” in which teams of students have to bring in an item or experience they obtained for free. 
03/31/19 9:42pm
The summit is designed to bring together M&T students, faculty, and alumni, giving current students an opportunity to learn from and network with alumni.
03/28/19 12:05am
Throughout the talk, Livni stressed the importance of maintaining Israel’s identity as a Jewish state while preserving democratic rights of non-Jewish minorities.
03/19/19 11:51pm
Students currently enrolled said they appreciate the class for its practical life lessons and pragmatic approach to personal finance.
03/12/19 8:46pm
The findings have important applications for designing cellular devices in cell biology and nanomedicine.
03/10/19 6:35pm
Zhang, a third-year M.D./Ph.D student, and Santucci, a second-year medical student, have been growing and submitting their plants to the Philadelphia Flower Show for the past three years.  
02/24/19 10:56pm
The three-part exhibit, titled “Ancient Egypt: From Discovery and Display," features over 200 artifacts, many of which have have never been on display before. 
02/14/19 11:19am
Originally created nearly 65 years ago to control blood pressure, reserpine now shows promising signs that it might be able to stop the spread of cancer.
02/05/19 1:16am
Students were able to make and taste their own chili, grind their own spices, and look at some artifacts from ancient spice-making cultures. 
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