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11/21/19 9:11pm
The course was spearheaded by the Wharton Dean’s Undergraduate Advisory Board following student demand.
11/12/19 5:33pm
The Penn-led team of global researchers looked at phytoliths, or plant skeletons, and the environmental effects of burning them.  
11/06/19 11:33pm
Ojmarrh Mitchell argued that while racial profiling is often attributed to implicit bias, structural and institutional factors play a bigger role.
10/02/19 12:23am
The program partnered with the Council on International Educational Exchange – an nonprofit promotes studying abroad – to offer passports for U.S. citizen students, according to a Penn Abroad website. The passports are traditionally valued at $145. 
09/18/19 10:08pm
The endowed professorships provide the faculty members with additional financial support and broaden their influence in their field.
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