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04/19/16 2:09am
Reflecting on Sept. 25, 2000, the fateful day he survived his attempted suicide, he shared his story of recovery and renewed outlook on love and living.
04/04/16 10:31pm
The University of California on Monday announced a 15 percent increase in acceptances from California residents for 2016 fall admissions.
03/22/16 1:35am
Everipedia’s vision is to become the most accessible online encyclopedia that can be edited by members of the public.
03/14/16 9:21pm

Harvard Law to remove seal with slaveholding roots

Changes to the Harvard Law School seal, which displays the crest of a slaveholding family, are in order.
02/22/16 9:22pm

James Franco to be Cornell Senior Convocation Speaker

Actor and filmmaker James Franco will be Cornell University’s keynote speaker at the 148th Commencement Weekend for Senior Convocation on May 28.
12/03/15 12:14am
Student interprets hidden images within the paintings in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
11/11/15 1:42am
Next year’s freshmen are in for a treat: Their academic year has been announced to be the Year of Media, and unlike the many previous freshmen classes who were assigned to read novels, they will be instructed to watch and reflect on the classic film “Citizen Kane.”
10/21/15 12:04am
This year's Edible Books event once again encouraged food play and brought together numerous creative interpretations of literary favorites.
09/29/15 11:51pm
On Tuesday, Wharton Women organized its annual fashion show, themed “Corporate Catwalk,” to demonstrate dress codes in various industries.
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