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12/11/11 8:39pm

Bon Appétit aims to minimize food waste

Although it caters to many students, Bon Appétit does not make food in bulk, according to Stephen Scardina, the resident district manager of Bon Appétit.
12/05/11 11:06pm

UA discusses changes to course drop policies

As finals draw closer, the Undergraduate Assembly had academics on its mind at its last general body meeting of the semester Sunday night.
12/05/11 10:13pm

UA alcohol policy review to be presented next semester

The Undergraduate Assembly has once again pushed back presenting its resolution to amend the University’s alcohol policy. The resolution was initially expected to be presented to the UA’s general body at a meeting on Nov. 20.
11/21/11 9:53pm

UA postpones alcohol policy reform

Changes to the University’s alcohol policy were not presented at Sunday’s Undergraduate Assembly meeting as originally planned. A new policy will be presented to the UA on Dec. 4.
11/20/11 10:41pm

Diversity Action Plan to spend $100 million on faculty diversity

The Diversity Action Plan — released in June — will devote $100 million over the next five years to hiring and retaining more diverse faculty members across 12 undergraduate and graduate schools.
11/15/11 12:38am

UA campaigns for increased CAPS funding and improvements to PennLink

This week’s UA meeting discussed CAPS funding and PennLink, among other topics.
11/15/11 12:20am

Indie artists to jam at Penn

After Thanksgiving, the Social Planning and Events Committee will host electronic musician Baths alongside chiptune indie rock band Anamanaguchi and electronic indie artist Ki:Theory at the ARCH auditorium.
11/11/11 12:54am

New Penn Course Review up and running

Despite glitches in course listings which led the student-run website — which lists professor and course ratings — to be suspended last week, Penn Course Review was up and running on Tuesday.
11/09/11 1:04am

Amid hazing allegations, UA reviews alcohol policy

Despite an ongoing University investigation on alleged hazing in the Undergraduate Assembly, its leaders will present a resolution to change Penn’s alcohol policy on Nov. 20.
11/08/11 12:30am

UA in 'closing phases' of new alcohol policy

On Sunday night, the UA announced that it would present a resolution for its University-wide alcohol policy review on Nov. 20. One of the major aims of the policy is to make registering on-campus parties easier for student groups.
11/06/11 10:45pm

Students sound off on hazing across campus

Following hazing allegations, the Undergraduate Assembly turned itself in to the Office of Student Conduct two weeks ago. Beyond the UA, students speak out on the prevalence of hazing across several campus groups. LETTER: Responses to UA hazing allegations
11/03/11 11:01pm

Undergraduate Assembly looks to provide engineers with lockers

The Undergraduate Assembly is working on a program to introduce lockers for Engineering students.
10/31/11 9:23pm

UA supports financial aid boost for international students

UA members voted to support efforts to increase financial aid for international students, follow up on the University’s Diversity Action Plan and change the Green Events Certification program.
10/31/11 9:12pm

University to evaluate resident faculty in college houses and residential programs

College House Academic Programs is working to establish a system that will review faculty engagement in college houses through student surveys and polls.
10/27/11 12:05am
Starting Friday, students were no longer charged the $5 hourly fee to play recreational tennis at Penn Park’s outdoor Hamlin Tennis Courts. Following complaints from students, the Undergraduate Assembly worked with Penn Athletics and the Office of the President to remove the charges.
10/24/11 11:41pm

UA votes to caution government against Pell Grant cuts

On Sunday night, Undergraduate Assembly members voted to sign a letter cautioning the government against cutting Pell Grant funds — a resource that benefits around 16 percent of Penn students.
10/20/11 12:03am
Oscar-nominated actor James Franco will take the stage at Irvine Auditorium on Nov. 6 as part of SPEC’s fall Connaissance speaker series. TWEETS: Students react to James Franco choice GALLERY: Photos of past Connaissance speakers
10/17/11 9:38pm

Penn Park tennis courts to offer free use

The Undergraduate Assembly announced at its meeting Sunday night that students will now have free access to Penn Park’s tennis courts. In addition, the UA discussed moving elections to later in the fall semester and guaranteeing a seat for a member of the transfer class.
10/16/11 9:31pm

Upcoming SPEC concerts will showcase rising artists

For Penn students, the music never stops. The Social Planning and Events Committee has put on three concerts this fall and two more are just over the horizon.
10/06/11 9:46am
Occupy Philly, a protest sparked by the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, has attracted young and old across the city with frustrations about the country’s economic and political climate. VIDEO: What Occupy Philly means to protesters PHOTO GALLERY: 88 shots from Occupy Philly Tweets from the scene Letter: An unfocused effort Topics: Occupy Philly
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