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03/15/19 6:54am
The program’s courses will be interdisciplinary and aim to teach students to become engaged citizens. 
02/27/19 2:53am
Burack encouraged students to hang leaf-shaped notecards with self-affirming messages onto the tree's branches, including “What do you value, and why?” and “What is meaningful to you?."
02/22/19 4:54am
The professors found that in order for people to achieve goals, they need to use self-control techniques that require more than just pure determination.
02/18/19 10:03am
Student volunteers dress up as superheroes, princesses, or other characters and visit patients in St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia. 
02/10/19 11:42pm
In June 2018, the museum suspended operations because of decreased financial support from the city.
02/03/19 5:37am
In the workshops, students discussed how masculinity affects their daily lives and perceptions. 
01/24/19 10:16pm
To receive care, federal workers must bring identification to show their employment, as well as a zero-dollar pay stub. 
11/29/18 7:43pm
The Annenberg researchers found that marijuana use does not increase conduct problems like school truancy or stealing in a recently published study. 
11/02/18 4:51am
Johnson & Johnson has opened an innovation accelerator center where their health technology startups can develop new products right at Penn.  
10/27/18 12:06am
Executive Director of Penn's Ortner Center of Violence & Abuse in Relationships Susan Sorenson spoke to students in a time of shifting federal policy over sexual assault on college campuses. 
10/11/18 10:31pm
Philadelphia jumped 17 spots from last year to third place — the sharpest climb among the top 10 worst cities. 
10/03/18 3:44am
Trump spoke to thousands of enthusiastic audience members at the annual convention for the National Electrical Contractors Association. 
09/23/18 11:09pm
These course examines determinants of patients' lives—such as lack of insurance, nutrition, and housing—that can be overlooked by the health system.
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