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09/08/19 9:28pm
Penn Violence Prevention is moving to a new office at 3535 Market St., the same building that houses Student Health Service, due to limited campus space.
08/26/19 6:02pm
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé said he hopes a new director can be selected and extended an offer within a month. 
08/21/19 1:38pm
Here are some of the main student centers to explore during your time on Penn's campus.
04/29/19 8:13pm
Bolton, known around campus as “Rabbi Josh,” has been at Penn Hillel for eight years.
04/25/19 7:55pm
As of now, half of the recycling is burned in Chester, Pa., and the other half is processed by Waste Management.
04/23/19 11:32pm
The panelists unpacked how power dynamics contribute to the problem and how marginalized communities are more likely to experience harassment. 
04/22/19 11:02pm
Second-year GSE student Sarah Simi Cohen began planning the group in March 2018. FGLIQ now serves around 35 undergraduate and graduate students and is hoping to expand.
04/14/19 11:48pm
The UA and GAPSA are working with SHS and VPUL on a pilot program to distribute pads and tampons in a number of campus buildings.
04/12/19 1:06am
Penn professors, psychiatric professionals, and a student talked about the biological, social, and environmental factors that put students at risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
04/11/19 10:52pm
Mertz has served as Penn's director of sexual violence prevention since Penn Violence Prevention was established in 2014.
04/05/19 5:37pm
The event consisted of a rally on College Green, a march around campus, a survivor speak-out at Houston Hall, and a debrief at the Penn Women’s Center at the end of the night. 
03/28/19 9:26pm
Philadelphia County has earned the worst ranking in the state of Pennsylvania every year since the report was first released in 2011, sitting dead last out of the state's 67 counties.
03/22/19 12:48am
The exhibit was co-sponsored by The F-Word, a student magazine that publishes feminist literature and art, and will remain open until Women’s Week ends on March 24.  
03/15/19 2:54am
The program’s courses will be interdisciplinary and aim to teach students to become engaged citizens. 
02/26/19 9:53pm
Burack encouraged students to hang leaf-shaped notecards with self-affirming messages onto the tree's branches, including “What do you value, and why?” and “What is meaningful to you?."
02/21/19 11:54pm
The professors found that in order for people to achieve goals, they need to use self-control techniques that require more than just pure determination.
02/18/19 5:03am
Student volunteers dress up as superheroes, princesses, or other characters and visit patients in St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia. 
02/10/19 6:42pm
In June 2018, the museum suspended operations because of decreased financial support from the city.
02/03/19 12:37am
In the workshops, students discussed how masculinity affects their daily lives and perceptions. 
01/24/19 5:16pm
To receive care, federal workers must bring identification to show their employment, as well as a zero-dollar pay stub. 
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