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12/02/10 3:35am
Blogging has been an active outlet for casual writers for decades — but in a changing job market, it’s increasingly becoming a viable career option, and Penn has produced a handful of professional bloggers whose sites generate revenue.
11/22/10 6:11am

From music to travelogs, Penn writers fill the blogosphere

enn’s blogosphere is pretty potent. Student publications, individuals and groups of friends turn to this medium as an outlet for their interests.
02/02/09 5:00am

Insomnia Cookies opens truck at Temple

Temple University students may not have insomnia, but beginning next week they will have Insomnia Cookies.
01/29/09 5:00am
Yesterday the University announced plans to renovate Du Bois House beginning in March. The updates will be completed by fall of this year. The renovation is part of the administration's continuing efforts to improve the 11 college houses and Sansom Place East and West.
01/28/09 5:00am
Next time students stroll down Hamilton Walk, they will pass a piece of architectural history. The Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Laboratory and the adjacent David Goddard Laboratories were designated a National Historic Landmark two weeks ago by U.
01/26/09 5:00am

Cold weather causes water maintenance problems | Interactive map

Students reject winter, and apparently so does University plumbing. A water outage hit Rodin College House Saturday morning, the most recent in a series of water maintenance issues on campus over the last couple weeks.
01/26/09 5:00am

Reusing ideas to recycle and reduce waste

Planners of this year's RecycleMania run are using new techniques to encourage on-campus recycling - but they're recycling ideas from last year, too. Although last week marked the beginning of RecycleMania's second run at Penn, the competition won't formally begin until Thursday, when a kickoff event at Houston Hall will feature director of the Mayor's Office of Sustainability Mark Hughes speaking about ways Penn and Philadelphia can work together to improve environmentalist efforts.
01/21/09 5:00am

Economy doesn't halt eastward expansion

Economic turbulence has encouraged many Americans to be more cautious, and universities are no exception. In 2001, the University developed PennConnects, a plan for campus development and eastward expansion. But after the economic downfall of the past year, the University plans to proceed more cautiously.
12/05/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Trampling on others

Thanksgiving was weird. Many of us were home, content amidst our families and a constant supply of food and celebration. But the weekend was also marked by tragedy. Last Thursday, we first heard about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Then on Black Friday, a temporary employee was trampled to death at a Wal-Mart in Long Island.
11/14/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Freedom to disagree

Hackneyed as it may sound, with great power comes great responsibility. And teachers have great power. There's a video circulating the web, which shows an elementary-school teacher exerting blatant pressure on her students to support Barack Obama. Teacher Diatha Harris insinuated to the daughter of an American solider that the child's advocacy of McCain would extend her own father's time in Iraq.
11/07/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Boxing people in

You are who you associate with. We differentiate people by profession, social class, ethnicity, religion, IQ and many other standard groupings. And we use these natural divisions to continuously navigate life situations. Specifically in the recent election, there's been a concerted attempt to see shades of gray, to distinguish people from their chosen associations.
10/31/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Of mice and Penn

Mice daunt the world. Several countries have nuclear weapons, but we're at a loss when it comes to fist-sized rodents invading our sacred human space. The good news for mice is that nobody understands the underlying issue. Complain to people (landlord, exterminator, loved ones, compassionate teddy bear) about your mouse problem, and they'll respond in the same way: Lay down mousetraps.
10/24/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Reading rubbish

I read trash. Or at least according to some people I do. An article in Monday's issue of The Daily Pennsylvanian reported the plummeting rates of pleasure reading among college students. In it, one student said that "what college students typically read is not helpful at all to improving literacy rates anyway" and highlighted books such as the popular Twilight series as premiere examples of literary garbage.
10/17/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Leaving room for ethics

Which of the following situations do you consider more probable after graduation: facing a challenging ethical dilemma or being forced to identify, say, the different types of igneous rock on Earth? Well, Penn thinks it's the latter. As students in the School of Arts and Sciences, we're required to take a Physical Science course but don't necessarily need to take any courses on morality or ethics.
10/10/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Staying in touch with family

Do you speak to your parents more than four times a week? Discuss course selections with them before you register? Seek their guidance when something in your residence malfunctions? Welcome to the "Umbilical Cord" clan. That's the term my professor once used last year to explain what she deemed an unhealthy attachment to one's parents.
10/03/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Paying attention to Iran

We get it. Our economy is collapsing around us. The bailout plan doesn't bail us out. Seniors are having a hard time getting jobs. While we shouldn't ignore the urgency and ripple effects of this economic crisis, we also can't allow it to overshadow preexisting global concerns that threaten our existence, especially ones that we can actually control.
09/26/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Bringing them back

Hypothetical scenario: Your five-year-old begins to misbehave, biting your houseguests and mimicking all sorts of uncouth swearwords. After a few warnings, you decide that your son no longer merits your supervision, and you banish him to the streets. Once out of your custody, you hear he's joined a gang and engages in a variety of criminal activities.
09/12/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Curbing the volunteer spirit

During freshman year, I decided to audition for CityStep, an organization under the Civic House umbrella that provides an extra-curricular dance program for several elementary schools in the West Philadelphia area. Imagine my surprise when I found out halfway into my service at the Harrity school that because of a piece of legislation passed in the spring of 2007, the school district would be requiring all volunteers to undergo criminal background checks and fingerprint testing by the FBI.
09/05/08 5:00am

Dani Wexler | Study abroad for all

'Donde esta la tortuga?" I would ask my friend. "La Tortuga esta en el agua," she would matter-of-factly reply. Such was the extent of my command of the Spanish language during the three-week trip I took to Spain last summer. For those of you who are similarly unfamiliar with the language, this question-answer phrase is translated as, "Where is the turtle?" "The turtle is in the water.
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