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12/06/16 12:03am
The Undergraduate Assembly, in collaboration with PennLabs, has been working on — a centralized website to connect students with different volunteer opportunities.
11/06/16 10:01pm
Presented by SPEC Connaissance, Kendrick will speak at Irvine Auditorium on Nov. 18 from 7 to 8 p.m. Tickets will go on sale on November 7 and are $10 for Penn students.
10/31/16 1:27am
Last week, the Nominations and Elections Committee announced the Special Elections results after four Undergraduate Assembly members resigned.
10/14/16 7:20pm
Online voting will be open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in the College from 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct.18 until 3 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 21.
10/04/16 12:58am
Attending an Ivy League school isn't often associated with studying fine arts.
09/28/16 4:03pm
This year's new student election results were delayed from their planned Sept. 22 release after accusations were raised of violations of the Fair Practice Code, the regulatory document that governs student elections.
09/27/16 2:41am
Last Thursday, the Board of Trustees announced that Penn will not divest from fossil fuel industries, despite two years of campaigning from Fossil Free Penn.
09/24/16 8:08pm
In the UA New Student Representative race, there was a tie for the candidacy between College freshman Michelle Kim and College freshman Max Grove. There will be a runoff election between these two candidates.
09/23/16 1:32pm
The results of the elections will be delayed until the conclusion of a public Fair Practices Code Hearing, which will be held this Saturday at 10 a.m.
09/17/16 2:09pm
Voting begins Monday and closes Thursday.
09/12/16 5:58pm
Stephanie Marchesani died in New Jersey on Sunday.
08/29/16 8:38pm
Some more unexpected words appear in Gutmann's speeches, like “strange”, “Palestra” and “rex”, which have all appeared over five times.
06/23/16 12:01am
Penn Wellness is set to receive $8000 from VPUL for the upcoming school year after not previously being allocated an annual budget.
06/16/16 12:23am
"Some people said ‘this is the coolest thing ever’ and others were like ‘what are you doing, you’re ruining your life'."
06/09/16 12:07am
The revision actually allows "more students to not be penalized" when they violate Penn's academic integrity code, according to Director of the Office of Student Conduct Julie Lyzinski Nettleton.
04/28/16 3:32pm
Some students are trying to streamline the paper process by adopting a completely electronic system instead.
04/27/16 9:04pm
Originally, the Social Planning and Events Committee to Represent Undergraduate Minorities planned its annual spring concert featuring YG, Metro Boomin and Kamaiyah to be held on Wednesday night.
04/22/16 11:41pm
On the last day of classes, YG, Metro Boomin and Kamaiyah will be performing in SPEC-TRUM’s annual Spring Concert held at the Armory.
04/13/16 10:16pm
This time, the task force will need to evaluate the effects of its 2015 recommendations, which did not set firm deadlines nor include ways to measure the impact of its proposed changes.
04/12/16 2:24am
On April 8, Fossil Free Penn released a letter in support of divestment from fossil fuels that was signed by 100 faculty members across 10 out of the 12 schools at Penn.
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