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12/13/16 12:42am
“Disability studies focuses not on the fixed medical trait, but focuses more on the social and cultural experience.”
11/30/16 12:47pm
The email comes amid heightened anxiety at Penn and other campuses over potential curbing of the rights of undocumented students by Donald Trump's administration. 
11/22/16 3:28am
In early November, Mayor Jim Kenney reiterated that Philadelphia remains a “sanctuary city” despite the intimidations from President-elect Donald Trump.
11/21/16 11:55pm
It's a question nurses hear all the time: "Oh, you're just a nurse. Can I see the doctor?" 
11/17/16 12:56am
Physics graduate student Gaurav Shukla, president of Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, released an additional letter in tandem with the Inclusion Diversity Equality Access Leadership Committee about the racist GroupMe messages.
11/14/16 1:58am
The Provost’s Summer Mentor Program and Science Technology Engineering, Mathematics Mentoring Program have helped Philadelphia students navigate the college-application process, which leads some of them back to Locust Walk.
11/08/16 3:01am
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama addressed 30,000 people in front of Independence Hall.
11/07/16 11:21am
Officials said SEPTA service would be restored in phases during the day on Monday.
11/07/16 12:08am
My Ride to Vote, a California-based Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton, will be paying for Uber and Lyft rides to Philadelphia polls on Election Day 
11/03/16 9:01pm
With less than a week until the highly anticipated 2016 presidential election, the Clinton campaign is preparing for an intense effort to get out the vote on Penn’s campus as well as across Pennsylvania.
11/02/16 8:29pm
Benjamin Schüttler was pursuing an MBA at Wharton as well as a Masters degree of Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. 
11/01/16 2:26am
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been making allegations that the 2016 presidential election is rigged due to large-scale voter fraud in Philadelphia.
10/23/16 11:57pm
More than 37 states have some form of early voting, including in-person, on weekends or mail-in ballots, but key swing state Pennsylvania does not. 
10/21/16 9:50pm
In an interview this week, professor Shaun Harper said not all, but too many men engage in sexist and misogynistic conversations in which they degrade and say “Trumpish” things about women.
10/18/16 11:36pm
The Bike Commuter Expense Reimbursement Program will offer compensation to qualified faculty and staff for any out of pocket eligible expenses of up to $240 annually.
10/12/16 11:26pm
Brother Ross Jackson hit the student during a verbal confrontation in which the two individuals stood eye-to-eye, standing about an inch apart, according to The Red and Black, the student newspaper at the University of Georgia.
10/10/16 1:48am
Pennsylvania is a key swing state for the 2016 election season and throughout Penn’s campus numerous advocacy groups have been registering students to vote in the Keystone State.
09/29/16 2:20am
It is the same chemical Erin Brockovich, later made famous when Julia Roberts portrayed her in a 2000 film, uncovered a large amount of industrial hexavalent chromium contamination in the drinking water of a town in California that had a cancer epidemic.
09/27/16 11:57pm
While New York City is known as the “city that never sleeps,” Philadelphia magazine recently said “Philly refuses to become a 24-hour city.”
09/21/16 11:41pm
Even in an election where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump once called Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists,” there is little evidence showing that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is performing any better among Latino voters compared to previous Democratic presidential candidates. 
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07/27/16 1:12pm

Penn students head to DNC as delegates

Two Penn students will be voting and caucusing for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention even as Hillary Clinton remains the presumptive nominee.
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