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12/13/16 1:04am
Nayef Yassin Nayef, a sophomore in Engineering, felt the two-day travel time to his home in Palestine was too long for this year's shortened winter break, so he decided to make alternative plans.
11/03/16 9:54pm
As the election draws near, it is looking as if Pennsylvania might be the state that decides who will be our next president.
11/02/16 1:34am
At 12:01 Tuesday morning, members of the Transportantion Workers Union Local 234 — the largest union of SEPTA workers — began a strike after they were not able to reach a contract deal with SEPTA.
10/31/16 1:27am
University of the Sciences and Thomas Jefferson University likely held an advantage over Penn graduates in terms of the ranking because of their science and technology focus.
10/24/16 1:24am
If a strike occurs, it could lead to public transit lines being suspended on Election Day, potentially depressing voter turnout. 
10/20/16 1:28am
“The mission of the SP2 Penn Top 10 is to educate, enlighten, and empower a diverse audience of voters and policymakers from all walks of life,” Jessica Bautistaok, SP2’s Communications and Public Relations Officer, said in an email.
10/18/16 1:47am
The 27th Ward, which includes Penn, is contributing 22,860 eligible voters this election. 
10/11/16 2:17am
The Annenberg Public Policy Center is teaming up with Internet Archive, a digital library with access to books, movies and archived web pages, to answer how news organizations cover the issues brought up in presidential debates.
10/06/16 9:23pm
The agreement established by the Philadelphia Parking Authority to grant legality to UberX and Lyft expired on Oct. 1, placing the companies in "legal limbo," until a judge's ruling on Friday. 
10/04/16 12:57am
The organization works to encourage young people to vote, in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election.
09/27/16 2:24am
Several student groups of varying political interests and affiliations at Penn hosted viewing parties Monday night.
09/26/16 12:52am
"We have a really robust campaign in terms of food and waste," Director of Business Services and Hospitality Services Pam Lampitt said.
09/15/16 12:27am
In today's political climate, it can sometimes seem impossible for the two major parties to come together on any issue. A new Penn group hopes to change that.
09/07/16 1:25am
Political science professor Dan Hopkins cited the historically sky-high unpopularity of the primary candidates as the main reason for the appeal of candidates like Johnson and Stein, but said he believes there will be a reduction in the number of people planning to vote third party as the election approaches.
09/04/16 11:44am
Getting arrested or convicted of a crime is bad, but as a recent Penn study points out, the long term effects of having a criminal record can make it even worse.
09/01/16 12:12am
The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council has long advocated for an alternative to the traditional pass, targeting students who live on campus and are looking to explore the city. A petition they filed in support of that proposal garnered over 1,200 signatures last year.
08/24/16 12:26am
Opt for classics like Van Pelt or Huntsman Hall or dark horse favorites like Fisher Fine Arts.
07/06/16 10:48pm
Graduate School of Education professor Joni Finney wrote in a June 22 article in the New York Times that college is becoming less accessible as time goes on, even for higher income brackets.   In recent research conducted at Penn and Vanderbilt, Finney compiled publicly available data on the costs of tuition at different kinds of colleges and universities throughout the United States.
06/23/16 12:04am
With frat parties come red Solo cups, which are not likely to be filled with innocent ice water.
06/09/16 12:05am
"Slice Capital is a platform that allows anybody to buy and sell shares in the coolest, newest startups," he said. "We're looking to democratize the funding space so that the power is not only in the hands of venture capitalists and angels."
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