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09/04/08 5:00am

Pennsylvania delegates say state victory is crucial

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Both political parties know they need Pennsylvania to win the presidential election, and both parties think they can get it. All eyes were on the state - which is considered one of the most important battleground states and has given its electoral votes to the Democratic Party since 1992 - at the Democratic and Republican conventions, and Pennsylvania's politicians were given prominent speaking roles.
09/03/08 5:00am

Reporter's Notebook | Two parties, two clear messages

The reporter recounts her experiences at the Democratic and Republican conventions. DENVER - Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama stood on a stage in a football stadium packed with more than 80,000 cheering supporters. Waving to the crowd were his wife and two daughters as confetti rained down and fireworks went off.
03/20/08 5:00am
Jordan Grossman is willing to put himself into pretty much any situation if it will benefit the Barack Obama campaign. In South Carolina, the College senior went door-to-door in an impoverished neighborhood. When a car full of young men stopped next to him, glared at him and asked, "Who are you with?" Grossman enthusiastically offered that he was with Obama, going on to convince them to vote in the state's primary the next day.
02/05/08 5:00am
During junior year, everyone wants to know where you're studying abroad. But for around 75 percent of Penn's junior class each year, the answer is "nowhere." Whether for obligations on campus or to stay on-track with coursework, a majority of students have legitimate reasons for remaining in Philadelphia all four years.
12/04/07 5:00am
It took some practice, but 2006 Penn alumnus Pierre Gooding has the essentials of being a teacher down pat. He's learned how to take attendance, field requests to go to the bathroom, write on the chalkboard like a pro, check-up on nightly homework assignments and, most importantly, teach his students the English skills they will need for life.
11/05/07 5:00am
Campus is growing. But how big is too big for students to get around on foot? The addition of the postal lands to campus will increase the length of campus by several blocks, but University officials are working to ensure that getting to the new parts of campus will be relatively easy - and maybe even enjoyable.
10/23/07 5:00am

Looking Ahead | Track record strong for capital campaigns

When it comes to capital campaigns, the University has a history of reaching some hefty goals. Since Ben Franklin's first fundraising efforts to establish the University, Penn administrators have embarked on six capital campaigns, including the campaign launched Saturday night.
10/02/07 5:00am
The Peace Corps holds a three-day "staging event" for new volunteers before they leave the country to give them an overview of Peace Corps' practices and what to expect once they arrive at their destination.
09/11/07 5:00am

Quantifying Quality: Rankings criteria creating a whole host of questions

Just as Penn students are graded on multiple exams, papers and participation, universities are also judged on a variety of factors. U.S. News & World Report puts out an annual ranking of the nation's universities and colleges in an effort to guide readers through the process of choosing which schools to consider.
09/06/07 5:00am
As the fourth season of the hit show about a movie star and his friends living in Los Angeles drew to a close, guys all over campus watched together - and perhaps even bonded.
12/12/06 5:00am
At the start of the holiday season, Nursing freshman Kayla Guarneri wasn't dreaming about snow or eggnog. Instad, she was thinking about the looks on local children's faces when she gave them the gifts they'd been begging Santa Claus for. Guarneri is one of about 20 student volunteers who dressed up as elves or Santa Claus and delivered 125 Christmas presents - most of which were purchased by Penn students - to children at two nearby low-income Catholic schools yesterday morning.
12/08/06 5:00am

When athletics gets you on IFC's good side

Next year, frats won't just be counting the number of beers to buy for their next party. Under the newly approved InterFraternity Council "Pillars of Excellence," fraternities can earn points based on their fulfillment of specific goals laid out by the IFC.
11/30/06 5:00am
Campus Copy remembers the owner of the most venerable business at Penn.
11/29/06 5:00am

News Brief: ZBT recolonized as official IFC fraternity

The InterFraternity Council officially welcomed Zeta Beta Tau as a recolonized fraternity last night. The IFC voted to allow ZBT to rejoin the umbrella organization for fraternities as a colony with provisional membership. ZBT initiated 12 members at the end of October.
11/16/06 5:00am
A year after students clashed with police and two were arrested at a popular sorority event, organizers are taking steps to avoid a repeat incident.
11/16/06 5:00am
The InterFraternity Council elected Wharton junior Austin Pena as its next president last night. Pena, who serves as the president of Tau Epsilon Phi, spoke with The Daily Pennsylvanian about his plans for the IFC, which is the governing body for the majority of Penn's fraternities.
11/15/06 5:00am
There's a new all-guys club at Penn, but it's not another frat. These guys want to talk sexual assault, and how to help its victims. Twelve students from Penn and Drexel University this semester started up the West Philadelphia chapter of 1in4, an all-male peer-education group that focuses on teaching college men about sexual violence.
11/09/06 5:00am
During New Student Orientation, Kunal Kandimalla wanted to party. But he said he didn't know his way around the frat scene, and nobody bothered advertising their parties in his dorm, Kings Couty/English House. So Kandimalla made friends in the Quadrangle, and made them fast.
10/31/06 5:00am

'Hey -we're the real ZBT,' new frat says

Zeta Beta Tau initiated 12 sophomores and juniors on Saturday, putting the fraternity one step closer to an official return to campus. But the process of recolonizing has come with a major challenge for ZBT - re-establishing itself as a legitimate fraternity, separate from the underground group that many students associate with the name ZBT.
10/27/06 5:00am

Got an ethnicity? This sorority wants you

There are 12 multicultural fraternities and sororities on campus, most of them small. Recruitment can be difficult, members say. One sorority last year only had one member, who has since graduated and left the organization empty at Penn. But another multicultural sorority has popped up this year, and this one thinks it can survive.
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