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13 hours ago
Penn Brazil Club members said it was a mix of economic conditions, corruption, and general discontent with the status quo that propelled Bolsonaro to victory.
11/03/18 5:19pm
With midterms coming up on Nov. 6, some Penn students share why they decided not to vote in Pennsylvania this election cycle.
10/23/18 3:11am
Voters will also answer "yes" or "no" to a city bond question asking whether Philadelphia should borrow $181 million for an investment in infrastructure projects such as streets, parks, and municipal buildings.   
10/22/18 5:38am
The way women decide to vote will be a strong indication of the way demographics have shifted in the past two years, said professor Dawn Teele, recipient of Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research of Women in Politics.
10/11/18 2:36am
On Wednesday, Hill likened the recent congressional testimony alleging sexual misconduct by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to her own testimony in 1991.
10/08/18 1:54am
Leaders of campus groups say they have emphasized voter registration this semester to empower these new voters in a politically contentious time.
09/28/18 11:41pm
Many see the appointment of Republican Jeb Bush as complementary to that of Democrat Joe Biden, both of whom are Presidential Professors of Practice at Penn.
09/21/18 4:54pm
The rally, which Obama will be headlining, is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and is for the reelection of United States Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf, both of whom are Democrats. 
09/20/18 2:49am
Vice President of College Republicans Owen O’Hare said, 'We’re not the type of club that would support a candidate because Trump is supporting them.'
09/18/18 3:05am
The Free Library of Philadelphia on 40th and Walnut is one of nine locations where students in violation of Penn's Code of Student Conduct are sent to fulfill community service sanctions.
08/30/18 3:57am
This fall, only 194 students are abroad — the lowest number in recent history. Of the 194 students, 55 of them are seniors.
08/21/18 8:37pm
Over the past year, Penn students say that the fraternity-dominated party scene at Penn has already begun to change, and this year's NSO will likely feel the effects.
04/23/18 3:22am
On March 28, Penn introduced a new policy banning all sexual relations between undergraduate students and faculty members.
04/20/18 3:43am
Referring to Penn as 'Trump University,' the conservative speaker said one reason to vote for Trump was because 'it makes Democrats cry, and their salty, delicious, leftist tears give [him] joy.'
04/13/18 7:19pm
The controversial Penn Law professor was recognized by the National Association of Scholars for her 'academic courage' in wake of 'continued harassment for speaking uncomfortable truths.'
04/04/18 3:56am
"It’s not just about the policy, it’s more about the trend and government's attitude which makes me feel much less welcome,” a student said. “I don’t want to be in a place I’m not welcome.”
04/01/18 6:58pm
The teams that advanced beyond the regional round will travel to London for the final round this summer, but only six teams will have the chance to pitch to the UN for the $1,000,000 prize.
03/27/18 6:48pm
Despite the scope of the information leaked and the way that the University informed affected students, many privacy experts say legal repercussions likely will not be severe.
03/26/18 2:14am
The DP contacted 287 people for this story. Of the 59 people who responded, 50 said they expected Trump not to attend the reunion. Nine people said they expected Trump to attend.
03/24/18 3:46am
Panelists included former White House Counsel Jim Schultz, Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-08), Criminal Justice Task Force Director at the American Legislative Exchange Council Ronald Lampard, and GOP gubernatorial candidate and Sen. Scott Wagner (R-Pa.). 
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