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05/15/23 1:50pm
Asaad Manzar, former opinion editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian, revisits his past three years at Penn. 
01/19/22 5:25pm
Opinion editor Asaad Manzar defines the mission of the DP's opinion section, and encourages members of the Penn community to engage with the DP. 
10/28/21 7:34pm
Columnist Asaad Manzar discusses the state of mental health support and resources for people of color on campus.
09/26/21 6:49pm
Columnist Asaad Manzar discusses his experiences with social anxiety in college, and how he overcame it.
07/16/21 6:10am
Columnist Asaad Manzar writes a letter to Penn's new transfer class, offering advice to new students adapting to Penn for the first time. 
06/24/21 5:12pm
Columnist Asaad Manzar writes about the habits — both good and bad — that we formed over the pandemic, and how we should use the summer as a chance to recycle our helpful habits and kick the negative ones. 
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