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04/07/15 3:11am
The Grade, a mobile dating application targeted toward young females, composed a list of the best 25 colleges for online dating. Penn is No. 9 on the list, with an overall grade of A-.
03/18/15 11:53pm
While upperclassmen advisors relish the opportunity to help younger students, some feel that their helping hand is not always reached for. They would like to see improvements in the program that encourage additional interaction throughout the school year.
03/05/15 12:40am
Philly Pretzel Factory, “Home of the Real Soft Pretzel,” recently opened a new location at the heart of Penn’s campus on 3700 block of Spruce Streets.
02/15/15 11:44pm
There is only one student at Penn who can say his claim to fame is a watermelon video on Vine.
02/05/15 12:35am
On Wednesday, Nussbaum, a critic for The New Yorker, spoke at the Kelly Writers House and shared her experiences reviewing television shows.
11/20/14 2:36am

Skin color researcher says racist ideas are unfounded and reversable

Nina Jablonski, an anthropology professor at Penn State University, spoke at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology to discuss skin color as part of the Penn Humanities Forum.
10/30/14 1:40am
Chris Tsakalakis gave an unconventional speech at an event sponsored by the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative
09/25/14 1:56am

Penn students are 'Giving What We Can' to the fight against global poverty

The social justice group Giving What We Can officially launches its Penn chapter on October 22
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