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04/21/10 2:25am

Uncovering U. history via text message

Organized by the student organization Interactive Media Group and new location-based services SCVNGR and Venmo, the Venmo Geo Hunt will focus on Penn’s history, drawing students to different locations and give facts about important events.
04/20/10 3:32am
The studio is not yet ready for general use, but will be open to students in the fall. It will also be the new home of Penn Art Club.
04/19/10 2:01am

Wharton Council provides support for school's clubs

Although clubs can be recognized by both the Student Activities Council and the Wharton Council, WC provides unique benefits for its members.
03/18/10 12:59am

Wharton website gets new Arabic version

Arabic Knowledge@Wharton will include articles centered on the Middle East’s growing economic importance to the global economy in both English and Arabic.
03/17/10 6:02am

Wharton still best in students' minds

Students’ career prospects are also unlikley to be affected by Wharton's drop in BusinessWeek rankings, according to Career Services.
03/01/10 4:08am

Wharton study connects marriage and markets

The choice of study reflects the overall broadening focus of economics, which has begun to include social spheres of life beyond money and markets.
02/10/10 4:48am
Two students participating in On-Campus Recruitment made “egregious” changes to their paperwork before sending it to employers, according to Career Services.
02/09/10 6:25am

'Blemishes' don't ruin apps to Wharton, other prestigious schools

Experts, including those at the Wharton School, say that “blemishes” on an application do not necessarily prevent a student from gaining admission to a prestigious business school.
02/09/10 6:00am

Wharton professors' book explains how to 'learn from catastrophes'

Following the meeting of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Mitigation of Natural Disasters last year, Useem and Kunreuther decided to put together Learning from Catastrophes — a book they hoped would address the many issues surrounding natural disasters.
01/29/10 4:33am

Like business schools nationwide, Wharton is getting creative

Business schools all over the world are recognizing that their students need to learn to think creatively and critically just as much as they need to learn traditional business skills like finance and accounting. Wharton is no exception.
01/29/10 4:30am

Wharton connects students and alumni

The Wharton Alumni Relations Council launched its new Wharton Alumni Wisdom Newsletter.
01/20/10 7:05am
Demonstrating the Wharton School’s growing emphasis on leadership, yesterday marked the opening of the newly renovated Wharton Leadership Program and the Center for Leadership and Change Management.
01/19/10 4:43am

Wharton Executive Education focuses on client relationships

The economic crisis has resulted in the creation of the Wharton Wealth Management Initiative’s Client Relationship Program — a new three-day program that recognizes the importance of communication between investors and financial advisors.
12/14/09 1:22am

Two Penn professors win Fulbright grants

Political Science Professor Marie Gottschalk and Associate Professor in Nutrition Science Charlene Compher recently received Fulbright scholarships for teaching and conducting research abroad in 2009-10.
12/08/09 7:04am

Text your bill to Venmo

Venmo is a new text messaging-based payments system founded by Penn alumni, Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail.
12/03/09 1:32am

Penn Libraries to host own version of the 'Sparky Awards'

The Sparky Awards are an annual video competition sponsored by libraries, media-based groups and student organizations across the country.
11/24/09 2:44am

'Sustainability 101' aims to improve Philly's green initiatives

With On-Campus Recruiting for next summer starting up, the word “internship” is on many students’ minds. But Mark Hughes’ new course “Sustainability 101” puts a very different spin on the word.
11/20/09 5:12am
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, one of Penn’s most eminent professors, was honored with three National Communication Association book awards in addition to an American Red Cross lifetime achievement award was last week.
11/13/09 3:11am

Water selected as next year's academic theme

What do evolution, the arts and water have in common? Nothing — and that’s precisely the point.
11/03/09 4:11am
Masters in Fine Arts candidate Robert Dimin is challenging conventional notions of art with his project, called "String Theory."
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