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03/13/19 1:36am
The researchers foundthat bone fractures have increased by 163 percent with patients 65 years or older. 
03/12/19 11:09pm
The researchers found that more than half of the patients studied searched for symptoms and diseases directly related to their emergency room visit.
02/22/19 4:41am
The new voting machines were met with criticism by people who claim the machines will result in less security.
02/05/19 6:06am
College senior Katherine Sizov, CEO of Strella Biotechnology, won $100,000 on Feb. 1 for her startup technology. 
02/05/19 1:00am
Philadelphia Council-member Helen Gym proposed the resolution following startling revelations made about Kelly's life in the documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly."
02/01/19 6:17am
Each week, students and professors discuss a different topic connected to cultural diversity, ranging from race, class, and privilege to disability, immigration, and globalization. 
01/23/19 10:41pm
The Online Farmers Market said they tried to choose "more permanent markets that have stood the test of time, and are open to the public almost every day." 
11/30/18 4:25am
While the club’s official stance on legalization is nonpartisan, the marijuana industry is at an "interesting inflection point" amid shifting legalization policies nationwide.  
11/17/18 11:01pm
Launched by sophomores at Drexel University, the company’s reach has exploded to include 48 markets across the US, and the Philadelphia headquarters is estimated to create 150 full-time jobs for the city.
10/31/18 4:29am
Penn GSE professor and lead author of the study Richard Ingersoll is unsure of the sustainability of the rapid expansion of the teacher workforce. 
10/31/18 3:45am
While museum tours might mention many objects, a Daily Dig “forces you to focus on something and truly take the time to appreciate it,” Williams said. 
10/14/18 4:53am
The program currently employs four global guides — three from Iraq and one from Syria.
09/24/18 8:51pm
Reviews of the airport are mixed; some are happy with the addition of outlets and iPads, while others continue to lament slow WiFi and long travel times within the airport,.
02/02/12 5:03am

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