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02/07/21 10:44pm
The move signals a shift in the way the Biden administration is approaching civil-rights enforcement compared to the previous administration. 
01/31/21 11:14pm
The seat, which retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) is leaving open, will be incredibly important for both parties to win in the midterms
01/25/21 8:25pm
Philadelphia receives its vaccine supply directly from the federal government, giving the city freedom to create its own distribution plan.
10/28/20 12:18am
The club held its inaugural event on Oct. 16, when a panel of Penn seniors spoke about their criminal justice-oriented internships. 
10/12/20 6:09pm
The bill was introduced on Thursday by Philadelphia City Council member and 1993 College graduate Helen Gym.
09/30/20 11:39pm
Minkoff described how her business went from mostly in-person sales to completely e-commerce very quickly when the pandemic began shutting down businesses.
04/16/20 11:43am
Warren taught at Penn Law in the 1980s and 1990s, and Biden served as a Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of Practice from 2017 until he launched his campaign in 2019.
03/22/20 2:12pm
The new University-wide pass/fail policy eliminates many restrictions that the four undergraduate schools have placed on pass/fail courses.
02/27/20 7:08pm
A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that the proposed facility will not violate federal law. Safehouse, the nonprofit that proposed the facility, aims to provide a safe environment where people struggling with addiction may use their own drugs. 
02/20/20 9:24pm
The prosecutors were asked to resign in January 2018, three days after Krasner took office. When they refused, they were fired and replaced by younger prosecutors whom the plaintiffs claim were less experienced, according to the lawsuit.
02/12/20 11:48pm
Third-year Penn Law student Gabriella Ravida serves as the editor-in-chief of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the nation’s oldest law journal. 
11/11/19 9:37pm
The new technology allows the transfection agents, which are positively charged transporters, to accept antibodies that they could not before.
11/11/19 9:23pm
The researchers argued that in may cases, people's immune systems destroy the infecting bacteria, but they retain an "immunological memory" to the disease. 
11/11/19 7:52pm
The new system will replace tokens and tickets with an electronically reloadable card as the primary form of payment, but will require an overhaul of the current card reader system.
10/16/19 8:52pm
Patients who use online patient portals are twice as likely to have their blood pressure checked and 50% more likely to get a flu shot and get their cholesterol checked, the study reported.
10/03/19 8:27pm
The two schools, which share a campus in Spring Garden, will undergo additional air tests to ensure that occupied areas are safe, Action News reported.
09/17/19 9:15pm
Penn professor Christopher Murray's study aimed to solve the problem of how to store energy using fuel cells in a cheaper and more sustainable way. 
09/11/19 9:56pm
For over two decades, Penn Press has been led by Eric Halpern, who took the position in 1995. Francis, who will succeed Halpern on Sept. 23, will be the press’s 13th director. 
09/05/19 5:07pm
Leading the ranking were Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Yale University. Following Penn, California Institute of Technology and Princeton University tied for fifth place.
04/29/19 11:56pm
Many universities chose commencement speakers who are also alumni, including 2002 Princeton graduate Ellie Kemper and 2001 Brown graduate John Krasinski.
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