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08/29/16 10:11pm
Voting is a simple act of civic duty, but it is also a transformative one. Each of us joins with millions of individuals across the country to enact something--the democratic choice of our representatives--that none of us can or should do alone. Voting in a constitutional democracy not only expresses our citizenship; it also enables us together to continually re-establish something much mightier than any of us could otherwise be: a democratic republic that aspires to recognize the liberty and equality of all persons.
08/25/15 10:53pm
A warm welcome to all at the start of a new academic year. This week marks the landfall ten years ago of Hurricane Katrina.
08/26/14 5:20pm
This summer, we created and I announced the President’s Engagement Prizes. These are annual, competitively-awarded prizes for Penn seniors to design and undertake fully-funded local, national or global engagement projects during the first year after they graduate from Penn. Prize recipients will receive $50,000 for one year of living expenses after graduation and up to $100,000 in project expenses.
02/23/14 7:05pm

Letter to the Editor | Task Force on Student Psychological Health and Welfare

Student input is essential to the work of the Task Force, and we anticipate that it will establish two working groups to carry out its charge, both of which will include students, faculty, and staff.
08/27/13 2:37am

Penn Compact 2020

Penn Compact 2020 renews Penn’s fundamental priorities — increasing access, integrating knowledge and engaging locally, nationally and globally.
04/19/13 12:02am

Guest Column | A common goal: Increased diversity and inclusion

Increasing diversity and inclusion at every level — student, faculty and staff — is one of Penn’s highest institutional priorities.
01/31/13 12:43am

Your Voice | President Gutmann's response to "Guess who's (not) coming to dinner"

Increasing diversity at every level of our university has always been and remains one of my highest priorities.
11/05/12 1:51am

President Amy Gutmann’s Three Reasons to Get Out the Vote

Democracy works, but only when one key ingredient is added: you and your fellow citizens.
09/05/12 12:33am
An Olympic medal is wonderful, but the real gold at Penn can be found in all this great University has to offer.
02/01/12 11:59pm

Your Voice | Protecting speech we may not like

Penn President Amy Gutmann and Chair of the Board of Trustees David L. Cohen address the upcoming Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions conference.
09/14/11 11:49pm

Amy Gutmann | A milestone in the making

As Penn Park opens and you explore its many fine qualities, I hope it fills you with pride.
09/09/11 1:41am

Amy Gutmann | Creating a world of greater understanding

Penn President Amy Gutmann believes that a big piece of the answer to drive hatred out of the human spirit lies in what universities do.
09/07/11 12:32am

Amy Gutmann | Instruction and improvement

In a welcome back message to students, Penn President Amy Gutmann discusses how the University is exemplified by transformation.
09/08/10 3:28am

Amy Gutmann | Hello, new opportunities

This semester is packed with diverse opportunities to stretch the mind, to develop good habits and to get involved with our great community.
09/09/09 5:01am

Amy Gutmann | Climbing on every rung

Penn President Amy Gutmann looks forward to the upcoming school year.
06/05/09 2:02am

Building a bridge to the future

The recently completed Weave Bridge is the first part of the University’s ambitious PennConnects plan
06/04/09 5:00am

A letter from Amy Gutmann | Building a bridge to the future

I am pleased to report we have taken the first step toward reinventing the eastern edge of Penn's campus. Earlier this spring, construction was completed on the Weave Bridge, a beautiful new pedestrian span designed by Penn's own Cecil Balmond, the Paul Philippe Cret Practice Professor of Architecture.
09/05/07 5:00am

Amy Gutmann | A time of opportunities

From Botswana to the postal lands, Penn scholars and students are exploring the world and making an impact
11/06/06 5:00am

Guest Opinion: Amy Gutmann | Reponse from the president

As many of you have heard or seen by now, there was a photograph from our annual Halloween party that has taken flight over the Internet.
09/06/06 5:00am

Amy Gutmann | Penn's influence will only continue to grow

I begin this new academic year at Penn grateful to be a part of a University community so joyfully infused with the desire to learn and the commitment to serve. Thanks to our dedicated move-in and New Student Orientation teams - who did a fabulous job helping new students navigate the transition to life at Penn-our campus is bustling with more creative energy and camaraderie than ever.
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