Articles by Amanda Geiser

06/21/17 6:00pm
If you noticed a delay in email services from your Penn email account, this might be the reason. 
07/28/16 12:21am
Will Hampton and Bill Lynch, 2010 College graduates, launched HotMaps, a social networking app that streamlines the search for nightlife locations using a numerical rating system on June 29.
07/13/16 11:09pm
The total cost of the materials and reagents needed for the device is only $2, making it potentially more accessible to the masses. However, the device must still undergo more tests before it is ready for patient use — and according to the researchers, it will not be available before the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
06/29/16 11:48pm
Hunt’s study on sorority rush at Penn found that although the women who rush and ultimately join a sorority enjoy a boost in their senses of belonging and self-esteem, those who are unsuccessful experience negative effects.
06/23/16 12:04am
The newly renovated center, located at 4032-34 Spruce Street, houses a synagogue, library, Beis Midrash (a Jewish learning center), eight studio apartments for students as well as one three-bedroom apartment, lounge areas, Kosher dining and offices for the Jewish Women’s Resource Center and the Healthy Living Task Force.
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