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09/01/10 6:28pm

Alyssa Schwenk | Even the best laid plans...

The things you plan on doing now aren’t necessarily what you’re going to love, and you have to be brave enough to recognize that midway through college.
05/14/10 1:14am

Senior Goodbye from Alyssa Schwenk | Learn to appreciate the open windows

Somehow, in the most competitive place I’ve ever been, I quit planning and started enjoying myself.
04/19/10 4:06am

That's What Schwenk Said | Don’t wait it out on the waitlist

So waitlisted students stalking, take it from someone who sweated it out on the waitlist only ultimately to be rejected: Choose a college before May 1.
04/12/10 3:49am

That's What Schwenk Said | A thesis on mandatory theses

The senior project is something that no other academic experience can truly replicate.
03/22/10 4:15am

That's What Schwenk Said | Bells not ringing for Quakers

Chasing the perfect jobs and the best grad programs requires us to be flexible about location and even a little transient right now — hardly ideal for settling down behind the white picket fence.
03/15/10 4:24am

That's What Schwenk Said | Soda tax would be more than just fizz

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan to levy a tax on sugary beverages isn't perfect, but it's a start.
03/01/10 4:43am

That's What Schwenk Said | Actually looking forward to Huntsman

Huntsman as a speaker has tremendous potential, and anybody carrying around actual anger about it really needs to take a breath.
02/22/10 5:17am

That's What Schwenk Said | My graduation speaker wish list

Here are my picks for inspiring, albeit maybe alternative, choices for the Commencement speaker.
02/08/10 4:00am

That's What Schwenk Said | A plan not to be taken for Grant-ed

I’m thrilled about Obama’s desire to expand the Pell Grant program for college students. It’s about damn time.
02/01/10 5:53am

That's What Schwenk Said | Vegetarianism: more than just a trend

People are thinking about why they eat what they eat. And if you haven’t started thinking about it too, you need to start now.
01/25/10 6:19am

That's What Schwenk Said | Minor changes, major problems

While the international development minor will be a welcome addition at Penn, similar majors shouldn’t be replacing traditional programs at Cash-Strapped State U.
11/24/09 2:12am

Furnishing your apartment for less

So, you’ve got a place to live, but now it’s time to furnish your new pad. What’s a budget-conscious student to do?
04/24/09 5:00am

Editorial | Controlling chatter

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unfortunately rejected a measure that would ban hand-held cell-phone use while driving in the state of Pennsylvania. While the measure was harsh - it made talking on a hands-held phone a primary offense, meaning violators could be fined steeply - it was heading in the right direction and would have made a strong impact.
04/02/09 5:00am

Opinion Art | Amira Fawcett

Amira Fawcett is an Engineering senior from Houston. Her e-mail address is
03/30/09 5:00am

Opinion Art | Alicia Puglionesi

Alicia Puglionesi is a College senior from Havertown, Pa. Her e-mail address is
02/18/09 5:00am

Opinion Art | Janice Dow

Janice Dow is an College sophomore from Los Angeles. Her e-mail address is
02/13/09 5:00am

Opinion Art | Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz is an College sophomore from Decatur, Ga. His e-mail address is
11/19/08 5:00am

News Brief | Gutmann donates $100,000 to CURF

Penn President Amy Gutmann and her husband, Columbia law professor Michael Doyle, have made a $100,000 contribution toward undergraduate resources at Penn. The donation will be split between the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships and the senior-class gift program.
11/17/08 5:00am

Penn may post fewer endowment losses than other Ivies

Though higher education is beginning to feel the weight of the economic crisis - in recent weeks some schools have explored the possibility of selling off private equity or have implemented hiring freezes - Penn is in better shape than many Ivy League schools.
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