Articles by Ali Kokot and Hayley Brooks

12/03/13 12:03am
Many of the flaws we millennials are accused of — from being perpetually rude to being lost on the romantic front — might be helped with a spoonful of etiquette to serve as our guide.
11/04/13 10:39pm
Anyone with a beating heart understands that writing these posts is mean, but it might be a whole lot more than mean. Beyond just being a jerk, you could be liable for a big legal headache.
10/21/13 10:03pm
Your professor is not fooled by your seeming interest in your nether regions.
10/08/13 7:12pm
It’s human nature to veer towards those like you and break the ice through common ground. But in these robotic, rehearsed social interactions, we’re more reaffirming our own identities.
09/24/13 7:52pm
Though the Miss America Pageant is problematic in it’s narrow, superficial method of validating women on a national stage, we are pleased to see the pageant pay homage to the melting pot that America prides itself on being.
09/09/13 10:13pm
We’re seeing senior women with full courseloads, a work-study or part-time job, relationships and leadership positions who, shockingly, want to take a few hours to themselves sometimes. What’s so wrong with that? Washed up? We think not.
08/26/13 11:13pm
After New York summers spent at Nickelodeon and in the food business, we got a preview of how our two-brained efforts at Penn will soon translate into the professional world.
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