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12/08/19 7:07pm
This marks an increase in both representation and ranking from last year, when 25 Penn graduates and one current Ph.D. student were featured on the lists. 
11/24/19 10:04pm
Previously, Little Baby's occupied a location in Franklin's Table on Walnut Street, which closed down earlier this year. 
11/17/19 6:36pm
The announcement comes just three months after Huntsman Jr. announced his resignation from his position as the United States ambassador to Russia.
11/03/19 6:05pm
The study, led by Nursing postdoctoral fellow Yafang Zhang, looked at a specific receptor for the hormone GLP-1 that is found throughout the body.
10/25/19 7:51pm
Andrea Mitchell and Ashley Parker have both received various awards and accolades for political journalism. 
10/08/19 8:58pm
The Philadelphia City Council's Committee on the Environment unanimously approved a bill to phase out the usage, sales, and storage of heavy fuel oils over the next five years.
09/29/19 9:24pm
The decrease in the endowment return rate compared to last year's marks a trend across Penn's peer institutions.
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