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07/31/20 4:33am
On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a viral video featuring medical professionals stating misleading information about the coronavirus pandemic and labeled it as a “must watch!!!" Hours later, Twitter suspended his account for 12 hours for violating "Twitter Rules."
05/23/20 12:51am
Health Hero Match is a double-sided web platform designed to help with medical staffing during the coronavirus outbreak. 
08/13/19 12:34am
Meet Bradley Tusk, the Penn alumnus who is trying to revolutionize the way we vote through mobile voting.
03/17/19 11:23pm
The center, created with support from 1991 Wharton graduate and Stone Ridge Holdings Group CEO Ross Stevens, will support research in financial technology, or FinTech.
11/13/18 6:15pm
This study, which examined social media usage of 143 Penn undergraduate students, was the first to find conclusive evidence suggesting a causal relationship between social media usage and well-being. 
09/01/18 8:02pm
With a five-star rating, MarketSnacks Daily was named Apple's Podcast of the Week in August. The idea started in 2012, when it began offering an emailed newsletter with a similar goal to the podcast.
04/10/17 8:06pm
"I kind of came to the conclusion that almost everything I was doing had already been done in some form or another," he said. "So it was very redundant on my end. I wasn’t building anything new."
04/09/17 10:26pm
Yelp and Twitter may not be the most obvious places to gather information regarding health care and hospital management, but Penn Medicine’s new Center for Digital Health will do just that. The center, which emerged out of Penn Medicine’s Social Media Laboratory, will advance the work already started by its new director, Raina Merchant, who is also the associate vice president of Penn’s Health System.
04/06/17 9:24pm
The grand prize winner, Pinch, developed an automated kiosk that dispenses various spices, herbs and seasonings in grocery stores.
04/06/17 12:42am
Brianna Wronko started Group K to work further on an innovative diagnostic tool she created as her bioengineering senior design project.
03/12/17 10:23pm
Horowitz has contributed to scholarly journals as well as media outlets like The New York Times and Politico.
02/22/17 3:32pm
Penn created these guidelines to "ensure the safety and protect the privacy of all members of the University community and promote compliance with all applicable federal and state laws."
02/20/17 9:47pm
College is one of the best places to startup,” CEO and Engineering and Wharton junior Rajat Bhageria said. “There’s no risk, there’s no opportunity cost ... there’s just a lot of resources.”
02/19/17 8:26pm
In addition to hosting the tournament, the organization's members work with Science Olympiad teams at local schools. They tutor students every week as the teams prepare for upcoming tournaments. 
02/15/17 10:52pm
Navigating the immigration process can be difficult for those unfamiliar with the American legal system. To help immigrants in this situation, 2013 Penn Law graduate Jeremy Peskin and immigration attorney James Pittman created Borderwise.
02/15/17 10:38pm
College senior and Fund co-chair Jason Shein facilitated a recent “relaunch” of the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund to institutionalize the non-financial resources it now provides to the companies receiving their grants.
02/05/17 9:48pm
“Last semester, we decided to look back at all of the companies we’ve funded in the last five years and gather insights into what we could do better,” College senior and Innovation Fund Co-Chair Jason Shein said.
01/30/17 9:19pm
The online education company Coursera has once again partnered up with Penn to launch a program specifically designed for governments and nonprofits in an effort to close increasing skills gap in the workforce.
01/24/17 7:56pm
Ryerson looks at the implications of increased automation on the way people take long distance trips. Instead of taking flights, people are likely to choose the more efficient, inexpensive route, especially when the driverless format is still conducive to a more relaxing trip, and the driver has the option of texting or napping.
01/23/17 6:33pm
Necter, a social networking app created by 2015 Wharton graduate, has created a way to make friends entirely online.