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Student Life

01/19/17 9:02pm
Recruitment chair of Chi Omega and Nursing junior Jordan Lilley said she felt it was unfair that one of the reasons given to the sorority chapters for the rescheduling of their recruitment process was that sorority rush events conflicted with fraternity rush events.
01/19/17 8:55pm

Excitement for Trump is at all-time high for College Republicans

College Republicans President and Wharton junior Sean Egan explained that Friday will be a good day for the club even though many of its members were skeptical of Trump throughout the election.
01/19/17 7:57pm
Mental health assistance, casual interactions take center stage
01/19/17 6:12pm
“Where I come from there’s nothing like rush. There’s nothing like Greek life or sororities and fraternities. It was new to some extent, I didn’t get what the point of it was,” Engineering freshman Zena Kipkenda said. “When it comes to public colleges, joining clubs in Kenya is up to an individual.”
01/18/17 9:54pm
The room will have glass walls, wood ceilings, lights to mimic the stars, and a wool and silk sculpture by artist Claudy Jongstra, who is featured at the Barnes Foundation. Rogers added that the sculpture will help with sound reduction as the fabric will absorb outside noise. The room will also feature 84 seats in the main area, and 13 “soft seats.”
01/18/17 4:43pm
This weekend, Cohney attended his first hacker convention in Washington, D.C., where he learned physical and information security skills. “There was a room dedicated to locksport, which is competitive lock picking,” Cohney said.
01/18/17 4:36pm
“There are so many opportunities on campus for innovation,” Director of Weiss Tech House Anne Stamer said. “We have a program for everybody.”
01/17/17 8:44pm
Long club elections are hardly unique at Penn. While club leaders see comprehensive elections as necessary to select the most suitable executive team, many acknowledge that intense elections have repercussions on students’ energy and their emotional well-being.
01/16/17 12:25am
Last Wednesday, Litwin sent out a Google form to different student groups like PennQuest and Bloomers, inviting four or five students to a meal at a Philadelphia restaurant. 
01/15/17 11:31pm

Your guide to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events on campus

Events around campus include a “Privilege Walk,” a screening of the film “Hidden Figures” and a lecture on social justice.
01/12/17 9:52pm
As students flooded off campus to their holiday destinations, Facilities was hard at work getting the college houses ready for break.
01/12/17 7:41pm
This program is not the first of its kind, and similar programs have been successful at universities like Brown, Cornell and Columbia.
01/12/17 9:10am
The 5B groups include the Asian Pacific Student Coalition, Lambda Alliance, Latin@ Coalition, United Minorities Council and UMOJA. 
01/12/17 1:10am
Roommates are incredibly fickle — some become lifelong friends, while others quickly fade into the background.
01/12/17 12:21am
Affiliated fraternities begin their official spring recruiting process with rush events on Thursday, Jan. 12 and Friday, Jan. 13. 
01/11/17 10:36pm
The interfaith group “Sharing Our Scriptures” has members that practice Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. 
01/11/17 10:29pm
Previously named About APA Women, the Spice Collective aims to provide a forum for women of Asian descent to discuss social, academic, political and economic issues.
01/10/17 6:54pm
Despite the widespread student and administrative backlash to the suggestive OZ email outed last semester, the outgoing IFC president said Fraternity recruitment numbers have doubled. 
12/14/16 4:54pm
Late Thursday night, College sophomore Victor Arellano covered the LOVE statue in flyers describing what he viewed as racist treatment from the fraternity’s executive board.
12/13/16 1:04am
Nayef Yassin Nayef, a sophomore in Engineering, felt the two-day travel time to his home in Palestine was too long for this year's shortened winter break, so he decided to make alternative plans.