The board “didn’t expect” the “unprecedented” numbers from the Class of 2020 during the giveaways, said Executive VP and College freshman Jason Kim.

Credit: Angel Fan

After starting off the year with some controversy, the Class Board of 2020 has faced both highs and lows after their first semester. One of their more ambitious projects was an event in December that they called the “12 Days of Giveaways,” in which the board gave away different free items every day for 12 days, like socks and laptop stickers.

Executive Vice President and College freshman Jason Kim said the board didn’t expect the “unprecedented” numbers from the Class of 2020 during the giveaways. The underestimation led to a shortage of Class of 2020 coffee mugs on one of the days. The class board told students that everyone in line at New College House and the Quad where the giveaway was stationed would receive a free mug.

“The giveaways were a huge hit — everyone got a little too excited about them,” Class Board of 2020 President and Engineering and Wharton freshman Karim El Sewedy said.

College freshman Antonio Ramirez said he was next in line to receive a mug for 30 minutes but never did.

“I’m very upset about [the fact that I didn’t get a mug],” Ramirez said. “I messaged them and they never really got back to me.”

The Class Board of 2020 Facebook page posted an update on Dec. 10 promising that those who were waiting in line would receive a mug. El Sewedy confirmed that the mugs were ordered two weeks ago and said that the board will follow through on delivering the mugs to everyone they promised.

“At first I was upset about not getting a mug, however the class board reassured those who didn’t get one that we would get it in the future,” College freshman George Costidis said. “I know that the class board has good people running it and it’ll come in a timely manner.”

Other students said they were never contacted afterwards and were not aware that another order had been placed.

“They told us we weren’t getting one, and we were all disappointed,” Engineering freshman Dominic Holmes said. “I submitted a one star review on their Facebook page.”

Despite this hiccup, Undergraduate Assembly President and College senior Kat McKay remains confident in this board’s success.

“The Class of 2020 chose the right people that are really committed to their work on the class board and creating class unity and school spirit,” McKay said.

“We’re really ambitious,” El Sewedy said, citing the number of events the board has put on.

Looking to the future, Kim said the board wants to focus on the diversity and quality rather than the quantity of events. He said he wants to plan events that “not only have a social aspect, but also unite our students.”

Many freshmen said that the mug shortage did not affect the way they view the class board, and they were happy with the quantity and quality of events this year.

“I have complete faith in them,” Costidis said. “People shouldn’t be mad at the class board because they’re doing their best, and everything they did during the 12 Days of Giveaways was for the students.”

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