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Student Life

10/09/23 12:01am
Previously, RAs and GRAs overwhelmingly chose to unionize in a 142-22 vote, representing an approximate 75% turnout from the University’s nearly 220 RA. 
10/09/23 12:00am
McCaffery spoke about the unique power of the state Supreme Court to make decisions that affect Pennsylvanians.
10/08/23 11:59pm
Last week, organizers entered College Hall and delivered a letter with nearly 500 signatures directed to President Liz Magill and Provost John Jackson.
10/08/23 8:52pm
1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump did not make the Forbes 400 List this year. 
10/08/23 8:22pm
Since the program’s establishment in 2019, SNF has provided Penn with over $20 million across three grants. 
10/06/23 12:41am
In 2022, after 15 years of reporting the same ratio, Penn submitted a revised Common Data Set — and the ratio has increased twice since then.
10/05/23 10:00pm
Smerconish is the host of Smerconish on CNN and the host of his daily radio show on SiriusXM. 
10/05/23 9:55pm
The exhibit, "Goya: Prints from the Arthur Ross Collection," is in celebration of the Arthur Ross Gallery's 40th anniversary. 
10/05/23 8:35pm
All members of the Penn community are invited to attend the celebration from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., which will include lunch and remarks from various speakers. 
10/05/23 12:10am
The event provided a variety of resources like free screening and tests, specifically geared toward promoting men’s health.
10/04/23 11:07pm
La Casa Latina, the main community space for Latinx students at Penn, has been organizing various cultural events to promote greater awareness of Latinx issues and culture on campus during the month. 
10/04/23 7:52pm
The campus workshop, which ran from Sept. 29 to 30, marks the second year that the programming was held in-person. 
10/04/23 7:03pm
Here's a rundown of dates, deadlines, and housing options for first-years, sophomores, and juniors looking to live on campus next year. 
10/04/23 7:02pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian asked upperclassmen for advice they would give to those going through Penn's housing process.
10/04/23 7:00pm
Last September, the Board of Trustees voted to lease The Radian as student housing to accommodate upperclassmen for on-campus housing during the Quad facilities renovations.
10/04/23 6:58pm
To accommodate the closure of the lower Quad entrance in Riepe, a new Quad entrance was opened next to the Butcher building in Ware College House.
10/03/23 11:51pm
According to Residential Services, Stouffer Hall will once again be a first-year dorm for the 2024-2025 academic year.
10/03/23 9:34pm
Established this summer, Pencilbite Studio is Penn’s first student-led 2D animation studio.
10/02/23 10:22pm
Education Week spotlighted educational possibilities beyond traditional classrooms, spanning civic engagement to community-building endeavors.
10/02/23 10:11pm
The Goldhirsh-Yellin Foundation is a family foundation committed to supporting education, cancer research, and archaeology in Israel.