Student Government

02/28/11 11:45am

Unanimous vote on final UA budget

The Undergraduate Assembly passed next year’s nearly $2 million budget Sunday night with ease, partly due to an increase in funding of $44,386 from the University.
02/22/11 8:03am

UA proposes sound systems for dining halls

Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly discussed a proposal to install and utilize stereo systems in dining halls, as well as next year's budget.
02/21/11 8:45pm

Student government branches respond to UA budget

Sunday night, Penn Student Government branch leaders discussed the Undergraduate Assembly’s $1,923,377 proposed budget with UA members.
02/15/11 6:53am

UA debates possible campus smoking ban

The Undergraduate Assembly discussed a possible smoking ban, funds from the Provost's Office and next year's budget in its meeting Sunday night.
02/14/11 11:52am

Budget proposed to Undergraduate Assembly

Sunday night, the Budget Committee presented its 2011-12 budget to the Undergraduate Assembly. Overall, the total UA budget will increase by 4.01 percent from last year to $1,923,377.
02/08/11 7:14am

UA unanimously passes 'don't look at my junk resolution'

Resolution urges the Penn Department of Recreation to renovate the men’s locker room at Pottruck Health and Fitness Center.
01/31/11 11:29am

UA elects new treasurer

Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly elected College senior Ali Huberlie as its new treasurer to replace Wharton senior Ryan Houston, who resigned last Sunday.
01/28/11 10:15am

Student groups fearful for SAC finances

Student group leaders expressed concern that the freeze on recognition and funding of new student groups may lead to reduced funding for current SAC-recognized groups.
01/26/11 9:51am
The Daily Pennsylvanian sat down with College junior Joyce Greenbaum just hours after she was elected the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education's new chairwoman.
01/25/11 4:36am

UA Recap: Treasurer resigns, promoting executive session

Houston addressed the body and then left immediately before the UA meeting was officially in session. His resignation was not directly discussed during the meeting although UA members decided to internally elect a new Treasurer at its next meeting.
01/24/11 11:51am

Treasurer resigns from UA

Undergraduate Assembly Treasurer Ryan Houston announced his resignation a week after a petition for his impeachment was signed by more than one-third of UA members.
01/20/11 12:19pm

UA members may impeach Treasurer

The petition has currently been signed by more than one third of UA members — filling the requirement for a charge to be brought against a member of the UA, according to College senior and UA member Mo Shahin.
01/19/11 12:37pm

Report shows SAC finances in hot water

The Student Activities Council overallocated its budget and intended to cover the difference using its dwindling reserve funds, prompting a freeze on funding for new student groups.
01/18/11 11:21am
The Student Activities Council voted Thursday to temporarily prevent new student groups from receiving recognition and funding because of SAC’s financial situation.
12/07/10 9:16am

UA grants funding to SPEC Sound, Philo. Society, Penn Abroad

The Undergraduate Assembly granted three contingency funding requests at its meeting Sunday.
12/06/10 11:41am

Groups rally for frosh gender-neutral housing

Three student groups opened discussion with administrators this month on giving new students the option of gender-neutral housing.
12/01/10 9:48am
Most students think a Spring Fling performer’s popularity should outweigh the performer’s message, a recent Social Planning and Events Committee survey showed.
11/24/10 4:08am

UA Recap: UA to send letter supporting DREAM Act

On Sunday night, the Undergraduate Assembly voted 27 in favor and two against on a resolution to send a letter to state government officials supporting aspects of the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act that pertain to students.
11/18/10 8:38am

UA treasurer Ryan Houston declines SAC seat, replaced by speaker

Undergraduate Assembly Speaker GJ Melendez-Torres, Wharton and Nursing senior, will join the Student Activities Council Executive Committee in January in place of Wharton senior and UA treasurer Ryan Houston, who resigned from SAC earlier this month.
11/16/10 10:04am

UA Recap: UA debates taking a stance on the DREAM Act

The Undergraduate Assembly wrestled with whether to endorse the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act at their meeting Sunday night before finally voting to table the issue until next week.