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Sports Features

02/10/11 2:34am
Less than 36 hours until perhaps the biggest weekend of Tyler Bernardini’s collegiate basketball life, something was amiss in Penn basketball land.
02/06/11 11:56pm
At an event where excess is celebrated, just one wing proved to be the difference between winner and loser.
12/13/10 3:10am
Winter break is the most wonderful time of the year — except if you’re a swimmer or a wrestler, who undergo the most rigorous portion of their training over break.
12/03/10 7:21am

This Week on 33rd Street: Dec. 3

The DP's weekly video preview of the weekend's sports action looks at men's basketball vs. Army, volleyball in the NCAA tournament, and much more.
11/19/10 4:25am

VIDEO: This Week on 33rd Street: Nov. 19

The DP's weekly sports video preview of the weekend's action looks at football's quest for perfection, men's soccer's in the NCAA tournament, and much more.
10/07/10 3:36am

Slideshow: LA Galaxy practices at Penn

Photos of soccer icons David Beckham and Landon Donovan and their LA Galaxy teammates practicing at Rhodes Field on Wednesday.
06/10/10 4:16am
Twenty teams of eight riders from around the world tackled a course of that distance, 156 miles, at Sunday’s 26th annual Philadelphia International Cycling Championship.
05/13/10 9:21pm

Senior Goodbye: Katie Siegmann | Once a fan, always a fan

Writing for sports hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to juggle team schedules with my own, balance my friendships with accurate reporting, and I’ve also received a fair share of criticism. But in spite of these challenges, I wouldn’t change a thing.
05/13/10 9:14pm

Senior Goodbye: Neil Fanaroff | Writing for the love of the game

After four years and 180 articles, Neil Fanaroff knows that he has stuck with the sports section for his love of being a fan.
05/13/10 9:09pm

Senior Goodbye: Zach Klitzman | A balancing act with my leading ladies at Penn

Zach Klitzman borrows a line from Wedding Crashers to explain his love for women’s lax and his difficulty staying objective.
05/13/10 9:09pm

Senior Goodbye: Brandon Moyse | No time for reminiscing

These last four years may have been the most carefree, fun years of our lives, but they’re not the best ones — at least I hope not.
05/13/10 9:07pm

Senior Goodbye: David Gurian-Peck | The DP: well worth the time

David Gurian-Peck shows his appreciation for the quotes and people that have made his time at the DP well worth it.
04/29/10 4:16am
It has been a long year for Penn athletes and Quakers fans alike. Join us in revisiting some of the highlights — and a few lowlights — of the year, now in easy-to-read grid form!
04/27/10 4:56am
A small group of student managers commit countless hours of their time every week to a sport, yet never take the field.
04/13/10 3:08am
On Saturday night, clad in the unofficial uniform of two parts body art and one part clothing, the 2010 Philly Roller Girls kicked off the roller derby season.
03/29/10 5:35am
Sponsored by Penn Athletes and Allies Tackling Homophobia (PATH), the Pride Games are held to strengthen ties between the athletic and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.
02/25/10 4:37am
The Class of 1923 Arena is experiencing a renaissance of activity as the Olympics remind people just how much fun the ice can be.
02/24/10 4:52am
In an era when professional athletes’ community service mostly seems to be court-ordered, many of Penn’s student-athletes have taken matters into their own hands.
02/19/10 8:08am

Med prof. aids Olympians

The only member of the Penn community actively participating in the Winter Olympics, Dr. Gary Dorshimer is responsible for attending to any NHL-affiliated athletes at the Games.
02/18/10 5:29am
For some students, curling is more than just an Olympic novelty.