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11/20/14 2:36am

School district admin. fails to produce numbers for pricey standardized testing

Parents, students, policymakers and educators gathered at Philadelphia City Hall to address their concerns with district spending on non-mandatory and additional testing.
11/19/14 10:36pm

Letter to the Editor from Joshua Belfer

As the past President of Penn Hillel and a proud Penn alum, I was embarrassed by the Daily Pennsylvanian’s coverage of the Students for Justice in Palestine meeting (“Palestinian University Students tell Penn peers, ‘We are Violated’, 11/19). While it is shameful enough that at such a distinguished university, students would be subjected to one-sided, hateful speech at an event like this, I would have expected the DP to make the effort to properly educate its readership on the controversial remarks spoken.
11/19/14 10:12am

One new student group is 'Ready for Hillary'

Penn Ready for Hillary is a student-led campus chapter of a national super PAC that raises and spends money in an effort to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016
11/19/14 4:59am

Palestinian university students tell Penn peers, 'We are violated'

The event took place at Steinberg Dietrich Hall on Tuesday
11/19/14 4:54am
The debate took place on Tuesday night at Huntsman Hall
11/18/14 9:17pm
Across the country, similarly misguided school authorities have ordered the removal of nominally religious images and quotations (such as an educational poster featuring the five pillars of Islam or a Ronald Reagan quote that mentioned God) and banned or bullied religious clubs.
11/18/14 9:15pm
There are plenty of people walking around with fancy positions who haven’t accomplished much. And then there are those without any formal recognitions who will always be remembered for the impact that they have had.
11/18/14 3:10am
University of Pennsylvania Student Veteran Association opened an online petition on the Veteran Day last week.
11/18/14 3:04am
Every Friday since Oct. 3, members of SOUL and other students have protested on College Green as part of their "Ferguson Friday" movement.
11/17/14 3:12am
Rather than abstaining from existing party labels in the Massachusetts gubernatorial election, Law School graduate Evan Falchuk created a party all his own.
11/13/14 10:55am

Obamacare architect's comments at Penn conference spur controversy

Penn was in the news this week after a controversial video at a University conference re-emerged featuring MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, who helped draft the Affordable Care Act, saying the law only passed because of the "stupidity of the American voter." The video, which was posted on Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics website, showed Gruber addressing an audience at a health economics conference in October 2013.
11/13/14 2:54am
Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Wolf won by nearly 10 points in an election year while Republicans solidified their dominance in the House and Senate
11/13/14 2:37am
This year's State of School commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Student Committee on Undergraduate Education
11/12/14 2:42am
The new home of Penn's political science and economics departments is on track to be completed by January 2018, and as of now is almost halfway done being designed.
11/11/14 9:49pm
I hope that I will love my child the instant I know they are mine — as my parents felt with me. I will love an adopted child with the same deep, irrational and unconditional love my parents have given me. Just like my parents, I will then begin the lifelong process of getting to know who they really are, and loving them not just as my child, but as their own person.
11/11/14 3:02am
Polling locations at Penn saw a 23 percent decrease in the number of voters as compared to the last gubernatorial election, according to the most recent data available from the city. 
11/11/14 12:29am
¨I encourage everyone to become involved in the political process. I just remind Republicans that voting day is always on Wednesday,¨ Democrat assemblyman Raj Mukherji said at an on-campus event Monday.
11/05/14 1:35am
With a new Pennsylvania governor and the Republicans now controlling the Senate, the midterm elections on Tuesday significantly changed local and national political landscapes.
11/05/14 1:33am
Penn’s polling stations saw less than a third of voter turnout this election cycle 
11/04/14 3:59am
Map of today's polling places and list of resources to guide your vote