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02/29/16 12:32am
Led by a neon orange Jeep blasting “Burn, Baby, Burn," the approximately 1,000-person crowd effectively stopped traffic in parts of Center City.
02/29/16 12:19am
Frederick “Fritz” Steiner, who was recently hired as the new dean of the School of Design, is coming to Penn in part to avoid Texas’s new campus-carry law.
02/27/16 6:00am
The Supreme Court Clinic is representing several Mercedez-Benz dealership workers arguing for overtime. 
02/26/16 6:00am
Although Bernie Sanders constantly cites other developed countries that have implemented the sort of policies he advocates for, Penn experts are not so sure about their viability. 
02/24/16 2:34am
The former admiral and congressman — who announced his 2016 Democratic Senate campaign at Penn — returned to campus on Monday to discuss the tenets of his foreign policy plan.
02/24/16 1:47am
See how much money students, faculty and staff at Penn have given to political campaigns in the past year.
02/23/16 3:07am
The controversy began after the DP caught Marco Rubio speaking with a Cruz staffer inside a South Carolina hotel. 
02/23/16 2:58am
For students who lean more to the right at Penn, a liberal political environment has various implications on lives of conservative college students.
02/23/16 1:20am
The congressional hearing, which plays into the determination of the federal budget, dealt with the role of the aircraft carrier in ensuring the superiority of the U.S. military’s naval power.
02/22/16 1:01am
Ivy League degrees, which Penn students view as tickets to success, do not carry the same value with Americans across the country.
02/19/16 2:50am
Penn for Hillary is a student organization devoted to building support for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign at Penn and throughout Philadelphia.
02/17/16 11:46pm
Wednesday night, the Penn United Minorities Council hosted a discussion about how the current political candidates are addressing minority issues.
02/17/16 2:32am
Campaign filings show that Cohen, a 1981 Law School graduate, was Fattah’s fifth-highest-paying individual donor in the 2014 election cycle.
02/17/16 12:37am
It didn’t take long for the justice’s death to ignite a political controversy between Republicans and Democrats. 
02/17/16 12:35am
A New York University environmental ethicist gave a well-attended lecture about the 2015 Paris Agreement on global greenhouse gas emissions.
02/16/16 12:55am
Months after his untimely death, 1991 College graduate Beau Biden’s legacy will live on in the form of a scholarship.
02/16/16 12:53am
A win in the upcoming elections would guarantee Katie McGinty a position in the history books as the first female Senator from Pennsylvania.
02/13/16 6:00am
32 percent of Penn’s 2015 graduates took out a student loan to finance their education, averaging $18,900.
02/11/16 1:49am
If created, this algorithm could have major implications for the political scene, particularly after former CIA member Edward Snowden’s revelations of the information that the government has kept secret from the public.
02/10/16 2:26am
Whether it was media-anointed nativist Donald Trump or self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, the rallies were lily-white.