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09/12/16 12:12am
For Penn students who call Puerto Rico their home, there is a clear answer to the debt crisis.
09/10/16 5:15pm
“Let’s talk about the large orange elephant in the room, Donald Trump.” Warren said, to a chorus of boos. “Donald Trump is a small, insecure money-grubber who will never be president of the United States!”
09/10/16 6:00am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both cited college tuition and student debt as issues they intend to address during their presidencies if elected.
09/09/16 3:13pm
The group did not officially decline to support the nominee, but admitted its members were divided on the presidential race.
09/07/16 11:18pm
Clinton’s campaign has had a large presence on Penn’s campus by trying to get new students to register to vote in the influential swing state as well as to participate in the 2016 election.
09/07/16 11:16pm
Clinton’s health has captured the attention of the nation through social media, with the hashtag #HillarysHealth already garnering thousands of mentions by the end of the day.
09/07/16 1:25am
Political science professor Dan Hopkins cited the historically sky-high unpopularity of the primary candidates as the main reason for the appeal of candidates like Johnson and Stein, but said he believes there will be a reduction in the number of people planning to vote third party as the election approaches.
09/07/16 1:22am
“I’m doing everything I can to make sure that Hillary Clinton is the next President,” Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said. 
09/05/16 11:28pm
Trump said crime has risen sharply in Philadelphia, but statistics suggest the exact opposite.
09/01/16 12:17am
On Aug. 23, the National Labor Relations Board, in a case involving graduate students at Columbia University, ruled that graduate students have the right as employees to unionize
09/01/16 12:12am
The SEPTA Youth Advisory Council has long advocated for an alternative to the traditional pass, targeting students who live on campus and are looking to explore the city. A petition they filed in support of that proposal garnered over 1,200 signatures last year.
09/01/16 12:10am
Recent studies by civil rights organizations like the NAACP and a scathing piece by comedian John Oliver on HBO's "Last Week Tonight" have questioned the effectiveness of charters nationally.
08/29/16 11:44pm
The 2016 presidential election is dominating the news cycle, and for some students, it’s also going to dominate their classes.
08/29/16 11:22pm
President Gutmann welcomed the Class of 2020 to the University of Pennsylvania on Monday.
08/24/16 12:24am
The Penn College Republicans will make a decision on whether to endorse the party nominee in the fall. 
08/24/16 12:23am
Evan McMullin still has access in less states than the Constitution and Socialist Workers parties. 
08/24/16 12:20am
Students might be away from campus over the summer — but there's been no shortage of controversies and changes in the higher education world over the last few months.
08/16/16 8:58pm
Hillary Clinton appealed to millennial voters on Aug. 16 in a speech largely focused on democratic participation. 
08/09/16 9:30pm
Barring any successful legal challenges, McMullin can only earn a spot on the ballot in 15 states. 
08/08/16 1:46pm
Evan McMullin, who received an MBA from Wharton in 2011, touted himself as an independent, conservative alternative to Donald Trump.