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03/21/24 10:23pm
Committee Chair Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) sent a letter to Interim President Larry Jameson inquiring about disciplinary actions taken against individuals and groups whose antisemitic activity violated University policy.
03/21/24 10:12pm
If enacted, the bill would require colleges and universities to disclose its policies on speech, association, and religion in order to receive Title IV funding from the federal government. 
03/21/24 8:52pm
Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sarah Matthews, who served on the White House communications team under the Trump administration, shared their thoughts on the Republican Party and why they will not be supporting Trump in the upcoming presidential election.
03/20/24 12:42am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with Orenstein and Benjamin Schmitt — a senior fellow at Penn who was sanctioned in 2022 — about their thoughts on the sanction.
03/19/24 12:16am
Professor of Russian and Eastern European Studies Mitchell Orenstein and five Penn alumni were on the list of 227 Americans banned from entering Russian territory.
03/17/24 10:33pm
Parker, a 2016 Fels School of Government graduate and the city’s first woman mayor, wrote in her proposal that Penn is currently working with the City on public health issues for vulnerable residents. 
03/15/24 12:18am
Gilmore Richardson also spoke to The Daily Pennsylvanian about the importance of the upcoming 2024 election — both on a national and a statewide level.
03/14/24 10:01pm
APPC researchers concluded that the Dobbs decision in 2022 marked a shift in public perception of the Supreme Court toward political polarization. 
03/13/24 12:49am
During the March 12 congressional hearing, Democrats and Republicans alike probed Hur — who ultimately declined to bring charges against Biden — on the findings of his investigation.
03/11/24 12:55am
Biden, a former Benjamin Franklin Professor of Presidential Practice, spoke to a Wallingford, Pa. crowd at Strath Haven Middle School about issues such as reproductive rights and the economy. 
03/11/24 12:54am
The decision ensures that Trump's name will appear on both the primary and general election ballots in Colorado, Maine, and other states that have issued similar challenges. 
03/11/24 12:54am
In her speech announcing her concession of the GOP primary, Haley said that she would “congratulate [Trump] and wish him well” — but notably did not endorse him.
03/01/24 1:03am
Wharton and Engineering junior Noah Rubin spoke at the Feb. 28 roundtable alongside students from eight other universities.
02/29/24 2:24am
According to a Feb. 27 press release, five students received a memo that their involvement in the study-in was grounds for "disciplinary proceedings." 
02/29/24 12:39am
The Supreme Court, which agreed to expedite the case, said that it will hear arguments on Trump's immunity the week of April 22. 
02/26/24 1:39am
At the vigil, Penn undergraduate and graduate students displayed red and yellow handmade poppies, a flower abundant in Israel.
02/26/24 12:38am
The Freedom School for Palestine staged another study-in on Sunday in the Van Pelt Library between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., followed by a rally in front of the library.
02/23/24 12:01am
While Fetterman campaigned on progressive issues and was endorsed by progressive groups, the political left has expressed disapproval with his stance.
02/22/24 11:21pm
The nine universities that have students attending the roundtable include Penn, Harvard, and Columbia. 
02/22/24 11:11pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple Penn students and prospective voters about their thoughts on Biden's stance on the conflict.