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04/02/21 1:00am
Board members of Penn Dems and Penn Justice Dems said they supported Krasner because of his commitment to criminal justice reform and track record of holding police officers accountable.
03/31/21 1:26am
Helen Gym and Rick Krajewski addressed progressive causes such as supporting a Green New Deal, divestment from the fossil fuel industry, and the disproportionate effect that the policing system has on communities of color. 
03/25/21 11:05pm
The United States Senate confirmed Rachel Levine as the nation’s assistant secretary for health at the United States Department of Health and Human Services on Wednesday.
03/24/21 2:26am
Wharton professor Eric W. Orts and Penn alumnus Stephen Sheller, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, penned an open letter on Feb. 18 requesting that the University begin an investigation of the former president’s alleged fraud.
03/23/21 12:35am
President Joe Biden said that he does not support canceling loan debt for "people who have gone to Harvard and Yale and Penn" at a February town hall, sparking backlash from first-generation, low-income students.
03/22/21 1:31am
1997 Wharton graduate Jessica Haller, who grew up in the Bronx, is running as a Democrat to represent the 11th District in the New York City Council in a special election held on March 23.
03/18/21 2:31am
The panelists blasted the Trump administration for mishandling the early stages of the pandemic and emphasized the importance of access to reliable health information.
03/15/21 2:58am
The Wharton Undergraduate Finance and Technology Group hosted former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a virtual event on March 9.
03/15/21 1:30am
Close to 800,000 of the city's nearly 1.2 million adults could be vaccinated by July 4.
03/12/21 2:47am
Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Children and Youth held a hearing on Wednesday, Mar. 3 to examine the role that Payments in Lieu of Taxes could play in the city’s future. 
03/12/21 12:46am
PLTV, a nonpartisan group, is gearing up to get Penn students to run for three of the five positions that are responsible for running local polling places: two inspectors and one judge of election. 
03/08/21 3:12am
63-year-old veteran and activist Jamal Johnson has started another hunger strike, alleging inaction on behalf of the City of Philadelphia towards the city's gun violence crisis.
03/07/21 11:49pm
The event, titled “Addressing Social Needs to Improve Health,” featured a panel of health care and social work experts, who discussed health care’s role in filling social service gaps. 
03/04/21 11:19pm
In Pennsylvania, new census data has the potential to alter the current nine-nine congressional delegation tie between Republicans and Democrats.
03/02/21 11:32pm
Study authors believe stronger enforcement of the National Voter Registration Act, which prevents states from removing voter registrants from rolls without a clear indication that a registrant has moved or died, might help relieve issues.
03/01/21 2:31am
Penn's experts maintain that those who graduate with the highest amount of student loan debt often end up with higher earnings after graduating from four-year university programs.
02/26/21 12:57am
The panelists expressed hope at the party would distance itself from former President Donald Trump now that he is out of office.
02/24/21 12:57am
A Supreme Court decision would have addressed the question of whether state courts have the right to change voting procedures set by the legislature. 
02/22/21 11:13pm
City officials projected that Philadelphia will soon only have enough money in its reserves to run the city for three days.
02/22/21 1:56am
In a conversation with former National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Ben Jealous, Abrams discussed hot-button political issues, shared her thoughts on the future of the Democratic Party in the South, and offered both personal and career advice for Penn students.