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03/19/18 9:36pm
Yellen, who announced her resignation in November 2017, largely expressed fondness for her time in the role, but also noted a few detractions of working in such a high profile position – specifically the required 24/7 security detail. 
03/18/18 9:15pm
The Court upheld its decision Monday, March 19, after a failed second attempt by Republican lawmakers to overturn the decision that stated the previous district lines were influenced by gerrymandering.
03/18/18 7:42pm
Asa Khalif, the leader of Black Lives Matter in Pennsylvania said that if no action is taken against Wax by Mar. 23, he plans to disrupt classes and lead petitions across Penn's campus. 
03/18/18 1:58pm
The panel was called the "ReFormers Caucus" and was organized by Issue One and Penn Law School. Issue One is a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to political reform and government ethics. 
03/16/18 8:24pm
Ford served in the Obama Administration, where she assisted in leading the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which aimed to save and create jobs.
03/16/18 3:00pm
This is not the first of Krasner's more progressive policy changes. With a background of a civil right's attorney, Krasner aligns himself with many of the causes furthered by former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.
03/16/18 12:02pm
It has been over a month since the 1963 College graduate Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct, but the fallout from these allegations have continued. 
03/16/18 12:03am
On Wednesday morning, director of the Wistar Institute Dario Altieri sent out an email saying he would walk out 'for personal reasons.' Over a hundred of his employees joined him. 
03/15/18 11:16pm
Over 1,000 of Central High School's 2,400 students walked out, as well as two-thirds of Lower Merion High School's student body of 1,300, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.  
03/15/18 6:08pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model became the latest target of Trump's ire when its economists found themselves in a back-and-forth with the White House over Trump's infrastructure plan. 
03/14/18 7:57pm
The first of its kind since 1969, the teach-in will focus on "the production, dissemination, and use of knowledge." 
03/14/18 8:49am
The race, considered a "bellwether" for the November midterm elections, has captured national attention in recent months.
03/13/18 11:10pm
The hallmark of the evening occurred when Mill called and spoke to the audience from the SCI — Chester in Delaware County.
03/13/18 2:48am
In June 2017, Penn graduate Ron Nirenberg made headlines when he unseated Ivy Taylor, the former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, in a decisive election victory. 
03/01/18 12:03am
According to the Inquirer, PHA currently receives 93 percent of its budget from the National Department of Housing and Urban Development and the city of Philadelphia received more than $400 million from HUD in 2017. 
02/28/18 10:31pm
This is Pennsylvania's largest single-year increase in anti-Semitic incidents recorded by the Anti-Defamation League in the past decade. 
02/28/18 9:12pm
In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, 2007 Nick Miccarelli called the allegations “absolute lies, a thousand percent lies,” adding that he has “never laid a hand on a woman.”
02/28/18 3:27pm
Biden arrived amid very little fanfare, and two separate Penn spokespeople wrote in emails to The Daily Pennsylvanian they were not aware Biden was on campus.
02/27/18 4:56pm
University Director of Financial Aid Elaine Papas Varas said the federal grant program, loan programs, work-study, and loan forgiveness would all likely be affected by the bill.
02/26/18 11:59pm
The panelists and attendees discussed why college campus censorship is dangerous and where to draw the line between hateful and controversial speech.