03/01/17 7:44pm
The draft will take place outdoors for the first time, in a huge outdoor theater built for the event in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 
02/28/17 11:27pm
The A Book a Day project is one part of Penn Libraries’ greater Community Outreach Program, which have expanded recently. Over the past two years, the program established a Community Outreach Librarian, made collaborations with local nonprofits and increased the number of students it serves from 500 to nearly 6,000.
02/20/17 11:10pm

On President's Day weekend, Philadelphia residents join nationwide anti-Trump protests

Other marches in Philadelphia took place on Monday. Roughly 100 people gathered at Thomas Paine Plaza, and, after a series of speeches, marched through the city toward Independence Mall.
02/20/17 1:26am
In addition to hosting the tournament, the organization's members work with Science Olympiad teams at local schools. They tutor students every week as the teams prepare for upcoming tournaments. 
02/17/17 9:34pm
The SEPTA Key card will see a city-wide release this week, after a test run of the system on Feb. 9 at the 69th Street Transportation Center in Upper Darby.
02/14/17 1:59am
Christina Maxwell, research director at the Drexel Neurosciences Institute and coordinator of PC4C research activities, said she feels members are taking the correct approach by working collectively.
02/11/17 3:19am
The Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams announced that he will not run for a third term.
02/09/17 3:26am
“We had a large homeless audience counting on us to come in, turn the lights on and make pizza,” Wartman said. “There is no substitute for experience, no easy way to acquire it. I’m glad I didn’t quit.”
02/08/17 2:49am
Urban Studies expert Ira Harkavy said “democracy must begin at home, and its home is the truly engaged neighborly university and its local community partners.”
01/31/17 2:47am
The bill’s sponsor, Councilman Bill Greenlee, believes these new regulations help female and minority applicants.
01/20/17 9:26pm
Three days before the Donald Trump's inauguration, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said he would rather see former President George W. Bush back in office. 
01/17/17 1:27am
During the incident on Nov. 25, a security camera at the Fresh Market in Chestnut Hill captured Lloyd filming or taking photos of an accomplice as he spray-painted the words “F**k Trump” on the wall of the grocery store. On Dec. 12, First Deputy City Solicitor Craig Straw said Lloyd would remain in his job, but would have to complete 40 hours of community service. The Solicitor’s Office did not respond to a request for further comment.
01/11/17 2:09am
On Jan. 2, Graduate School of Education (GSE) professor Kate Kinney Grossman’s class resumed, as did all of the classes in Philadelphia's public schools.
12/17/16 4:06pm
The University said it "would provide the best urban grocery store to support the Penn and local community going forward."
12/13/16 5:30am

Six festive things to do in Philadelphia during finals season

If puppies, holiday-themed study breaks and free cookies aren't enough to distract you from the stress of finals season, check out these Philadelphia events to get your mind off that last exam.
12/09/16 8:55pm
Philadelphia has three snow chances between today and next weekend. 
12/08/16 2:08am
Joseph Lewis had been a Penn Police officer for close to six years before his sergeant told him to shave or go home, according to his legal complaint.
12/07/16 7:00am
Builders broke ground on the FMC Tower in May 2014, and the project is fast approaching completion. The tower is the sixth tallest building in Philadelphia.
12/05/16 9:04pm
Starting on Sunday, Dec. 11, all but three of SEPTA’s Regional Rail lines will begin running on new schedules. 
11/29/16 6:20am
Ethnic intimidation, which is another legal term for hate crimes, is an overt action coupled with targeting an individual of a group which falls under the statue.