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11/16/23 4:07pm
Columnist Mia Vesely argues that the purpose of a University isn’t to cater to the wishes of their alumni. 
11/15/23 11:17pm
Guest Columnist Evan Golinsky identifies dangerous indifference present in the Palestinian liberation narrative on campus and suggests how effective discourse can be achieved in spite of this. 
11/15/23 8:16pm
Columnist Jack Lakis responds to a recent column defending Amy Wax and calls for Penn to end her tenure. 
11/15/23 7:57pm
Columnist Franklin Li believes that awarding the diploma is not just a correction of history, but will also help change public perception of Lin Huiyin.
11/14/23 8:24pm
Columnist Eric Najera discusses how Penn's clubs could benefit from staff regulation. 
11/13/23 10:50pm
Guest Columnist Selma Farsakh describes walking down Locust as a person who has lived in Israel-Palestine.  
11/13/23 12:19am
Columnist Jessey Shin discusses the various types of support available at Penn and how to best utilize them. 
11/12/23 10:23pm
Guest columnist Abraham Wyner calls on Penn’s administration to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism. 
11/12/23 9:50pm
Columnist Brett Seaton calls on Penn leadership to stop making political statements. 
11/09/23 11:18pm
Columnist Izzy Feinfeld argues that recent donor disinvestment demonstrates the growing strength of the pro-Palestine movement.  
11/09/23 3:37pm
Columnist Spencer Gibbs reflects on his most recent controversial article and asks readers to practice critical reading.  
11/09/23 3:35pm
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi pushes back on notions of “maximizing one’s vote” and argues that it is anti-democratic in many ways. 
11/09/23 2:31am
The Daily Pennsylvanian’s opinion department recommends courses and professors for your Spring 2024 schedule.
11/08/23 7:33pm
Columnist Andrew Stratton discusses the charm of Philadelphia's sports culture.
11/07/23 9:09pm
Columnist Hanadi Abdulkadir explores why social media activism is crucial to ensure the survival of Palestinian stories. 
11/07/23 8:58pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian argues that now more than ever, social media platforms like Instagram play a crucial role in mass communication.
11/07/23 7:03pm
Columnist Kiyah Akins sheds lights on the African American experience at Penn and emphasizes the importance of African American centered organizations. 
11/06/23 10:25pm
Guest Columnist Sarah Alkhafaji, a College senior with Penn Leads the Vote, calls on the Penn community to cast their vote this Election Day. 
11/03/23 2:47pm
Columnist Brett Seaton discusses the career selection process at Penn and how to think probabilistically about your future. 
11/02/23 11:08pm
Guest Columnist David J. Shapiro argues that the University’s response to the Palestine Writes Literature Festival and the pro-Palestine rallies calling for “resistance” and “revolution” demonstrate that Professor Wax is the victim of selective prosecution and an insidious double standard.