12/10/18 2:22am
My column, my editor, and the friendships I made along the way, were my lifelines. They kept me here. 
12/09/18 11:34pm
It sometimes seems as though the more reserved Bush is overshadowed by the larger-than-life personalities of the men who preceded and followed him: Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.
12/06/18 10:14pm
You would think that it would be easy to just listen to each other. Yet, we’ve built up so many impulses to pivot away and check out when the subject gets intense or hits a nerve. Especially when it’s as easy as glancing down at our phones.
12/06/18 2:21am
Don't let the soaring number of STEM majors dissuade you from pursuing art history or philosophy.
12/06/18 1:17am
This weekend I slunk around the city avoiding protests that I could only half understand
12/04/18 5:38pm
We’ve all heard the stories — someone gets accepted to the college of their dreams or to the perfect job, and then their position is revoked on the basis of a Facebook photo of them holding a Red Solo cup. 
12/04/18 3:50pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.
12/03/18 4:50am
Boiled down, the elementary characteristic of a friend is a person who cares about you. I had ignored this basic trait with my convenience friend.
12/03/18 4:48am
I’ve experienced the stress, even in my first semester, of thinking about majors in terms of potential income first and passion second.
12/03/18 1:34am
I was immediately disappointed when placed into Gregory, a college dorm no one knew the location of — a place that received no frat party fliers under the doors. 
11/29/18 10:59pm
Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and I think all Penn students, regardless of financial background, would be grateful for a few more days of break. 
11/29/18 2:15am
SARAH KHAN is a College sophomore from Lynn Haven, Fla.
11/29/18 2:03am
I used to dread my piano lessons. Now, music helps alleviate my anxiety when school gets stressful and exercise my creativity.
11/29/18 12:55am
We live in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the world’s oldest democracy.
11/28/18 9:50pm
After some internet research, I discovered Pelosi’s unforgivable crime: She has served her country honorably through government service for too many years.
11/26/18 6:58pm
As a Central American voice on campus, we feel we must impress the gravity of an issue that continues to affect our community. 
11/26/18 6:57pm
Whether an Econ major, a friend of a Penn student, a traveling poet, or a visiting family member, please feel free to stop by and pour yourself a cup of coffee, of which we always have brewed.
11/26/18 2:14am
Prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds deserve tour guides who they can relate to. 
11/26/18 12:20am
I started to fully appreciate the other part of my identity beyond boxes on the demographic section on an application.
11/22/18 3:36am
KRISTEN YEH is a College sophomore from West Covina, Calif.