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10/28/13 8:42pm
Why have we been so slow to reboot our computing and give hard drives the boot?
10/27/13 10:51pm
I estimate that we exchange names and handshakes with someone once a day, but would venture to say that few, if any, of these people ever hear from us again.
10/27/13 6:49pm
Slipping into the mainstream usually means leaving our more cherished ambitions behind.
10/27/13 6:33pm
Many would consider it a travesty of justice to pay someone $5.00 per hour, but it’s fine for Penn students to work 12-hour days at an internship for $0.00 an hour.
10/27/13 4:39pm
There’s more of a symbiotic relationship between the highs and lows of temperament than most people recognize. It’s not so much a dichotomy as a continuum.
10/23/13 8:18pm
Penn Course Review is an ingenious idea with value, but we should still be wary of using it as our primary decision-making tool.
10/23/13 6:53pm

Arielle Pardes | Have your cake and eat it, too

While non-monogamy isn’t a cure-all for relationships that don’t feel salubrious to begin with, it can relieve the smothering sense of FOMO from college relationships.
10/22/13 11:22pm
Shouldn’t the point of classes be to learn the material, not learn to skim?
10/21/13 10:03pm
Your professor is not fooled by your seeming interest in your nether regions.
10/21/13 8:23pm
When my power was finally reconnected, I found a few similarities between the government shutdown and my earlier predicament.
10/20/13 7:33pm
I’m smart, but I still like to read mindless things every once in a while.
10/20/13 3:46pm
For some reason, we are conditioned to praise those who argue that an issue is too complex to take a position.
10/17/13 9:32pm
Wharton alums have set several world records during my time here. In addition to the Forbes’ net-worth list, our alums also top the list of largest frauds.
10/16/13 10:27pm
Before, I preferred to go down the route of not acknowledging death.
10/15/13 6:58pm
I never identified myself as a southerner — just someone who lived in the South.
10/15/13 5:57pm
Gangsta rap has evolved into a social culture that glamorizes violence and is now a dominant form of hip-hop.
10/14/13 7:28pm
Lately, I’ve come to think that one of the most valuable things you can give someone is your undivided attention.
10/13/13 9:33pm
There is only correlation between the study of music and the traits that lead to success.
10/13/13 6:51pm
The government shutdown isn’t about shutting down to save money — it’s about making your life difficult to prove a point.
10/08/13 9:28pm

Editorial | At a crossroads

We think both the local government and Penn should take steps to make 38th and Spruce safer.