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02/20/14 5:55pm

Roderick Cook | Beyond "Born This Way"

We sometimes throw around this language with the best of intentions, but what are we really saying here? We are perpetuating the idea that queer and trans identities are things that we need to be OK with, but things that objectively are not good.
02/19/14 6:16pm

William Zhang and Jason Choi | Fitting in, branching out

In reflection, even seemingly inconsequential and superficial differences, such as the fact that the word “football” is somewhat of a misnomer in the United States (it should really be called something along the lines of “hand-egg”), that Americans don’t study “maths” (a red squiggly line just appeared under the word as I write)  or that the only affordable and edible Chinese food on campus  comes from food trucks (try Yue Kee), have a much greater psychological impact.
02/19/14 6:13pm

Frida Garza | Showing and not telling

If John Legend is really the right guy for [Commencement], I challenge the selection committee to share why they have picked him.
02/18/14 7:01pm

Alexandra Friedman | Redefining success

As long as our cultural definition of success requires that we identify “losers” among us, the ingredients for tragedy will be ever-present. When will we accept that we have already achieved success, just by being part of the Penn experience?
02/18/14 6:54pm

Jonathan Iwry | Reflections on the mortal coil

Michel de Montaigne once wrote that to philosophize is to learn how to die. That’s easy enough to say - as a philosophy major, I have spent many a term paper trying to solve some of the most intransigent questions ever asked.
02/16/14 6:22pm

Frida Garza | Good grief

Talking to someone inside four walls for an hour once a week should not be our only option. What we need right now is space to be together. And if we can’t do that outside College Hall, we will take to the internet.
02/16/14 6:01pm
Every single one of you reading this post is a blasphemer or a heretic to someone’s religion. The freedom of religion depends on the freedom to disagree with other religions. Blasphemy laws disallow that freedom in countless cases around the globe
02/13/14 8:34pm

Arielle Pardes | The little pink pill

But some women simply have lower libidos, and that’s completely normal. The growing interest in forms of “female Viagra” like Lady Prelox can make it seem like not feeling readily available for sex is an abnormality.
02/13/14 6:50pm

Akshat Shekhar | Getting to blah

We are to believe that a league in which three teams have signed Tim Tebow to a contract now considers media circuses anathema.
02/13/14 6:14pm

Sara Schonfeld | Be mine?

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about validation. As nice as it was to have a guy confirming that my butt is not strangely misshapen, whether or not someone says it, it’s still true. There’s no reason to spend a holiday trying to parade around relationship labels.
02/12/14 6:31pm
The controversy surrounding "Blue is the Warmest Color" has also been especially fierce because it is one of the first movies to display the relationship between two women without allowing its audience to reduce it to pornography.
02/12/14 5:57pm
Given Penn’s historic artistic presence and the many resources available to students now — including the ICA, the School of Design, a music program, arts residential programs, the Kelly Writers House, the ARCH building and countless other arts-related activities and places — it’s truly remarkable that art is so overlooked.
02/11/14 7:04pm
While there’s often stigma attached to OCR and the mass migration of Wharton students toward the financial industry, I doubt many would criticize the fact that Penn is home to the East Coast’s biggest Hackathon “PennApps” and possesses a rich culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that has given rise to the likes of Venmo and Warby Parker.
02/10/14 6:24pm
Even the smallest of words can have the ability to either reaffirm or invalidate someone’s identity. When it comes to gender, some of the most important words are usually only a few letters long: pronouns.
02/10/14 6:23pm
On my newsfeed, I have discovered articles, videos, Buzzfeed lists and pictures that have made me laugh, cry, empathize and understand.
02/09/14 4:32pm
It concerns me greatly to see so many intelligent Penn students praising Zacharias as an intellectual heavyweight. Ravi is an expert rhetorician and apologist, but his views and arguments hardly deserve the term intellectual.
02/06/14 5:44pm
“Mental illness” is not like cancer, and going to CAPS is not the equivalent of radiation.
02/06/14 5:41pm
Can a sorority woman dress a certain way and still respect herself? What about a businesswoman — what does she have to wear to look professional?
02/05/14 5:34pm
To stereotype Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City because of its creator’s hometown and its Wikipedia page is to fail to understand it. To fail to reward GKMC is to prove your complete ignorance of it.
02/05/14 5:32pm
I’ve been rapping for 12 years because it genuinely resonates with me — I love the culture of hip-hop as an art form, not an accessory.