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04/29/14 7:09pm

Diane Bayeux | Rethinking Sexual Orientation

Coming out seems to have taken on a much more important stake than it’s supposed to. It’s not supposed to be that way. There is no one type of person that can bring you everything you need and want.
04/29/14 6:37pm

The Devil's Advocate | Speaking of salaries

I find it particularly perplexing that even millennials who grew up surrounded by social media still adhere to this classic prohibition. We willingly abandon our privacy when it comes to relationships, hardships, hookup and every inane inner thought we think should grace our Facebook and Twitter feeds, yet we still show a reluctance to discuss salaries. Why have we collectively determined that this one element of our lives deserves unique protection from prying eyes?
04/24/14 8:01pm

Arielle Pardes | Sex as a community service

Every week, hundreds Penn students file into dusty classrooms in West Philadelphia’s middle and high schools where they tutor students in math and English and science.
04/24/14 7:53pm

Roderick Cook | It's story time

Some stories are hard to tell, but chances are those are the ones that desperately need to be heard.We far too often have an aversion to using individual stories as a way to understand societal problems and enact change.
04/22/14 6:39pm

Collin Boots | Immune to reason

“Big-pharma” and “conventional medicine” became bogeymen that use their overwhelming political power to suppress the “natural healing” wonders of Supplementary, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (SCAMs).
04/21/14 6:23pm

Alexandra Friedman | Teaching a lesser-known history

Israel has certainly played a role in prolonging the Palestinian condition. To say that Israel and its policies are the root cause of the problem, however, is historically inaccurate.
04/20/14 7:34pm

Sara Schonfeld | In defense of the friend break-up

You wouldn’t go on a second date with someone that makes you crazy — why spend your Friday night getting drinks with a “friend” who is toxic?
04/17/14 7:04pm

Roderick Cook | Not-so-happy hour

From the first moment that I was offered a beer at a party to this very day whenever people around me are drinking, I have felt at least a little bit uncomfortable and have had a sense of dread. I can’t quite explain it, but it’s very real.
04/15/14 6:05pm

Diane Bayeux | Advocating AIDS awareness

As many of you know, Philadelphia has a lot of thrift stores, whether in our bubble of West Philly, in Center City or on South Street.
04/14/14 5:24pm

Sara Schonfeld | Post-fling reflections

This Fling, I bought fried Oreos and wore ridiculous amounts of neon. I wore sunglasses at night and forgot my sweater at home and stopped for fried chicken. I even got yelled at by the cops.
04/10/14 5:52pm

Collin Boots | Are atheists persecuted in America?

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that subjects were more likely to distrust an atheist than they were to trust a rapist.
04/09/14 7:02pm

Sara Schonfeld | Peace, love, fling

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’ve been planning for this Fling for over a year.For the first time, I went out and bought myself a fling tank.
04/09/14 7:01pm

Jonathan Iwry | Turn down for what, exactly?

While indulging is healthy from time to time, we shouldn’t need to rely on a purging period to escape an overwhelming work life. College is just as much about social experiences as it is academics.
04/08/14 6:31pm

William Zhang and Jason Choi | Slacking for social change

Social media sites have been flooded by "pray for MH 370" messages ever since the unresolved disappearance of the airplane and its 227 passengers.
04/07/14 6:18pm

Alexandra Friedman | Thank you, Mozilla

It is not merely unwise for a company or its CEO to openly harbor anti-gay sentiment; it is suicidal.
04/06/14 7:59pm

Roderick Cook | Come out, but don't come in

Our mere existence [as queer and trans people] challenges the structure of objectification of women that frat parties are designed for.
04/06/14 6:51pm

Diane Bayeux | For art's sake

Perhaps the true motives that need to be discussed here are those of the audience. Indeed, an artwork is valued on different levels according to the public’s reaction. Without the public, an artwork can sit in an empty space forever.
04/03/14 6:59pm

Arielle Pardes | Why men should embrace Lulu

So if women are generally pretty generous with their ratings and they’re using the app to recommend their guy friends, crushes and ex-boyfriends to other women rather than to bash them for past experiences, why are men so afraid of it? Rather than being full of the vindictive reviews that men seem wary of, most Lulu scores are actually full of praise.
04/02/14 7:36pm

Frida Garza | 2048 — Not so great

In college, we’re all prone to procrastination — a quick game is more attractive than a problem set that will take eight hours to finish — but as we download the new big “thing,” we should be aware of our capacity for obsession. These games don’t offer instant gratification — they deliberately delay it. It’s tempting to submerge ourselves in activities that are less challenging than rewarding. Games like 2048 are one, but not the other.
03/31/14 6:39pm

Roderick Cook | What a drag

Expressing femininity in a way that I have been actively and passively told that I am not supposed to has been such a powerful and important experience. It’s helped me to understand my gender and myself in ways that I have previously not been able to.