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08/01/23 3:35pm
Columnist Vinay Khosla argues Asian Americans’ participation in ending affirmative action is indicative of an internalization of the model minority myth.
07/26/23 12:00am
Columnist Azza Elrashid reflects on the nuances of affirmative action as the daughter of African immigrants. 
07/12/23 12:00am
Columnist Max Brody explains how Penn’s apparent oversight in inclusive eating options may restrict Muslim students’ access to food. 
07/11/23 9:36am
Columnist Hanadi Abdulkadir writes to the incoming class, specifically those from the city of Philadelphia.
07/07/23 12:00am
Columnist Brett Seaton walks through the steps Penn can take to continue affirmative action while preserving the endowment.
07/06/23 12:00am
Columnist Adeoluwa Fatukasi emphasizes the need for more travel programs for Black students as she reflects on the impact study abroad has had on her Penn career.
07/05/23 9:13am
Columnist C.H. Henry supports Target’s expansion and calls for more stores to do the same. 
07/03/23 9:23am
Columnist Sangitha Aiyer urges Penn to develop newer traditions that represent current and future classes.
06/30/23 3:00am
Columnist Azza Elrashid highlights the importance of centering the community in service efforts while reflecting on her own experiences with civic engagement.
06/29/23 9:24am
Columnist Zara Tena explores how going home and reconnecting with our roots can help us embrace and appreciate change.
06/28/23 8:13pm
Columnist Noor Chafouk explores the corrosion of democratic discourse in the context of the ongoing gun debate. 
05/31/23 12:50am
Columnist Riane Lumer positively reflects upon her journey to Penn as a transfer while advising potential transfers to be open minded in their college journey.
05/15/23 1:50pm
Asaad Manzar, former opinion editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian, revisits his past three years at Penn. 
05/12/23 1:11am
Hannah Gross, former assignments editor, assures readers that it's okay to need and take breaks from the activities you love.
05/11/23 9:12pm
Columnist Isabella Glassman contemplates the deep meaning that can be drawn from the less prestigious, small moments at Penn. 
05/11/23 8:48pm
Lochlahn March, a former Daily Pennsylvanian sports editor, details how learning to fail can actually be the key to success.
05/11/23 8:07pm
Columnist Alex Baxter reminds readers that their time at Penn is fleeting and that embracing connectedness is key.
05/11/23 7:23pm
Sophie Apfel, former copy editor, expresses gratitude for her service to the DP and calls on others to perform services for others, even without credit.
05/11/23 6:57pm
Komal Patel, former deputy assignments editor, reflects on having fun writing for the paper. 
05/11/23 6:33pm
Columnist Sam Zou encourages students to look at life with an abundance mindset instead of focusing on what we lack or what is scarce in the world.