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10/17/23 9:00pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian describes the process of petitioning for a new language course with a persuadable and willing Penn. 
10/16/23 9:39pm
Columnist Jack Lakis explores the implications of how a small number of high schools dominate American educational opportunities. 
10/16/23 7:30pm
Columnist Zara Tena explores the need for elderly leaders to step down, and allow a new generation of politicians to step in.
10/11/23 5:30pm
Columnist Akiva Berkowitz addresses the recent terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, explains why we all should rally behind Israel, and considers how students can try to make a difference. 
10/09/23 9:48pm
Columnist Izzy Feinfeld calls on clubs at Penn to have a more open application process and prioritize building community.
10/08/23 4:42pm
Columnist Sangitha Aiyer calls for Penn to assist in combating the chronic underfunding of Philadelphia’s public school libraries.
10/08/23 4:40pm
Columnist Gladys Smith discusses whether Penn is truly giving back to the greater Philadelphia area through its current distribution of attention amongst local high schools. 
10/07/23 11:50am
Columnist Akiva Berkowitz calls for a "Penn 101" introductory course to foster class-wide unity.
10/05/23 3:02pm
Columnist Clever Earth proposes the implementation of mandatory mental health sessions to address the detrimental impact of Penn’s pre-med culture on student wellbeing. 
10/05/23 9:32am
Columnist Lexi Boccuzzi advocates for lowering the stakes of dating in order to create stronger, more meaningful connections. 
10/05/23 12:15am
Columnist Franklin Li shares his experience of and reflection on living in Gregory College House. 
10/04/23 11:09pm
Columnist Hanadi Abdulkadir explores how sites like Sidechat can impact the broader Philadelphia community. 
10/04/23 2:52pm
Columnist Jessey Shin writes about the hidden perks of living in an “unpopular” College House. 
10/03/23 9:51pm
Columnist Andrew Stratton discusses how Penn should have a greater range of room rates when it comes to on-campus housing. 
10/02/23 10:02pm
Columnist Noor Chafouk explores the socio-political dynamics of natural catastrophe, and how Morocco’s decision to assert its autonomy challenged the normative narrative that seeps into humanitarian crisis response.
09/30/23 4:26pm
Columnist Sose Hovannisian demands that the global community open its eyes to Azeri and Turkish atrocities and take action before more Armenians are wiped off the Earth. 
09/27/23 10:07pm
Columnist Brett Seaton discusses how an aging political class impacts government spending and the future solvency of our country.
09/26/23 7:07pm
Columnist Chloe Chen criticizes the act of justifying overconsumption by shopping second-hand. 
09/25/23 9:21pm
Columnist Spencer Gibbs decries the careless, incomplete sharing of news that is increasingly prevalent on campus and beyond. 
09/21/23 9:45pm
Columnist Noor Chafouk details fallacies of freedom of speech arguments in the context of Amy Wax and the Palestine Writes Literature Festival.